Get To Know Skin Expert Dr. Nianda Reid

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Nianda Reid

Dr. Nianda Reid is a board-certified dermatologist, who specializes in medical dermatology, including the use of cosmetic injectables and laser dermatology. Dr. Reid graduated from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and obtained a dual degree M.D./M.B.A in Health Care Management from the University of Rochester Simon School of Business. She then completed her Dermatology training at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island where she served as Chief Resident in her final year. Her extensive background and training have given her a wealth of experience in treating various dermatologic conditions.

Learn more about skin expert Dr. Nianda Reid in this introductory Q & A.

My greatest achievement:

Without a doubt, my greatest achievements are my two children. They inspire me to be a better person and physician.

What is the future of your field?

The future of Dermatology is endless. Contributing forces of technology, medical dermatology, and aesthetic medicine are ever-changing.

The biggest misconception about my field is...

Not many people know that Dermatology is a very broad field that incorporates many other fields of study including but not limited to infectious disease, rheumatology, pathology, allergy, and oncology. Dermatology is truly a versatile field of medicine.

My most requested procedures:

My most requested procedures are facial rejuvenation procedures such as neurotoxin injections, dermal filler injections, and collagen induction procedures.

What surgical advancements are you most excited about?

I'm really excited about the future of radiofrequency therapies and laser procedures that are becoming more popular over traditional surgical procedures.

What are you best known for?

My patients appreciate a skin health plan tailored and specific to their needs. I believe that no two patients are alike.

What is your most memorable patient reaction?

My most memorable and rewarding patient interactions/reactions are those where my patients and I work together to achieve the patient's skincare goals, and that may be different for each individual.

What sets my practice apart?

At Embrace Dermatology and Aesthetics, we offer patient-centered dermatologic care for all ages and skin types. From skin cancer screenings to cosmetic services, our goal is to encompass all aspects of dermatology.

What I love most about my profession:

I love being able to build a relationship with my patients. Dermatology is not only skin deep. Many dermatologic diseases have implications for the quality of life. From medical dermatology to aesthetic medicine, dermatologists get a chance to improve the quality of a patient's everyday life. 

Career-defining procedure?

My career-defining moment was when I was able to examine a patient based on her skin findings and get to the bottom of the cause of this presentation, revealing a malignant tumor that was brewing inside. What we forget is that sometimes our skin can give us signs of what's happening inside of our bodies. The skin is truly an amazing organ!

What new services are you excited to offer?

Our lists of offerings are growing daily. We are excited to offer multiple skin rejuvenation treatments for all skin types.

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