Natalie Portman Talks Her Go-To Beauty Product & Other Alluring Tidbits

Natalie PortmanPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

In her next life, Natalie Portman said she’d be an eye cream. Yes, you read that correctly. “I feel like that's the top thing that helps a tired mom,” the 40-year-old actress told Allure. “So that's what I would do, come back and serve the mothers of the world.” But along with her ideal form of reincarnation, Portman spilled some other interesting beauty and non-beauty related secrets. 

For example, if Portman were a beauty look, it’d need to include lipstick. “ [I am] Quite minimal, probably just a strong lip and almost no makeup otherwise,” she said. “I have about a five-minute attention span for doing my own hair and makeup. Lipstick is the best.” 

We can tell Portman feels drawn to the lips given her description of Anna Karenina, who remains her favorite beauty icon of fiction: “They describe her with these dark lips and dark hair and very kind of lush dresses. I mean, obviously, in terms of life and emotion, I would never hope to be like her. But in terms of her look, it sounds really beautiful.” In the real world, the actress said the most beautiful people “are just so extremely themselves.” 


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Interestingly, Portman spoke a lot about color and the power behind the shades you wear. “It's really surprising how much it affects you, to just dress a little more joyfully. There's been so much heaviness in the world — so much suffering, so much anxiety,” she said. “I think that finding joy and beauty wherever you can is helpful. I want to wear what makes me happy.” As a matter of fact, that’s her reason for wearing lots of yellow. Beside the hue of one’s clothing, Portman revealed the most colorful place in the world: “Probably India, in Rajasthan. The city [of Jodhpur] is quite blue—the buildings, landscape. You look out, and everything is these different shades of blue.”

Of course, being the face of the new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum, Portman surely spilled the experience of visiting the Dior rose fields in Grasse — the place that not only grows the fragrant blossoms captured in every bottle of Miss Dior but that inspires the breathtaking scenery shown in various advertisements promoting the delicate scent. “It was hundreds of roses. I'm not so eloquent with this right now (laughs). I'm like, the 'field of rose' was hundreds of roses,” she said. “I mean, mainly the thing that's impressive is the scent, of course, because it's just kind of carried on the wind. You don't have to lean over and smell it. You just stand there when it's blooming and this delicate fragrance surrounds you.”

No wonder the actress classified the experience as a dream.