Terry Crews Reveals The Diet Secret That Keeps Him Shredded

Terry CrewsPhoto Credit: ShutterstockWhen we think of Hollywood stars with shredded physiques, Terry Crews surely enters our minds. The 53-year-old actor boasts extraordinary chest muscles; at one point, he even created a collegiate course titled “Pec Popping 101.” Hilarious and genius, Crews certainly knows a thing or two about staying fit and recently shared his diet secrets with Men’s Health

First, Crews swears by this tip to maintain his glorious six-pack: fasting. “When I wake up, the first thing I do is have a glass of water...and I put amino acid powder inside — I like to call it stardust,” he told Men’s Health. “I drink that all morning and afternoon. And, then I’m off to the races.” Speaking of “races,” he means his workout routine. 

And though Crews loves his cup of morning Joe, he drinks his coffee without sugar or cream — just coconut oil because it replenishes his body with the “healthy fats” he needs in a fasting cycle. Then, he packs on the protein in the form of eggs and bacon, but he adds a salad on the side. If he wants to switch it up, the actor opts for a charcuterie board comprised of salami, cheeses, bread, and almonds (another source of healthy fats). 

Five o’clock calls for a protein shake, which serves as the actor’s pick-me-up before dinner because he works in the morning during his fasting period. Then, it’s time for Crews’ go-to dinner that’s loaded with carbs: “Usually between seven or eight, I’ll have a delicious meal, which is not ketogenic. I’ll have my bread; I’ll have some pasta. [But], a great dinner for me would be bison ribeye, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.”

At the end of the day, Crews will satisfy his sweet tooth with a slice of cheesecake or two. Like dinner, his dessert remains filled with fats thanks to the almond flour he uses — don’t worry, he said you can’t tell the difference.

Watch Everything Terry Crews Eats In A Day Below: