From Bikinis To Night Cream: Actress Ana de Armas Spills Her 7 Summer Must-Haves

Ana de ArmasPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

If there’s anyone that knows heat, it’s actress Ana de Armas. The 33-year-old Cuban-born actress not only originated from a country yielding a tropical climate, but she’s currently shooting “The Gray Man” — her much-anticipated film that also stars Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling — in Prague amid the summer. “It’ll be really warm for a few days, then it will rain, but it’s like that everywhere right now,” de Armas told Vogue. Despite living in a hotel room, she’s been keeping it cool, in body and spirit, with these seven summer essentials. 

1. Havaiana Flip Flops

Let’s face it, one cannot relish the summer months without a trusty pair of sandals. “Maybe it’s because I’m Cuban, but I grew up in flip flops,” de Armas said. “I could live in plain, black Havaianas forever. They really look good with everything!” Shop at for $18

2. Therabody Theragun Mini

Being a busy actress and all, de Armas cannot simply visit the spa whenever she pleases. So, she cleverly decided to keep therapeutic massages handy with this device. “I hold all of my tension in my shoulders and my legs, and this device is truly incredible.… It’s a triangle shape that fits anywhere—in all of my purses—and I bring it with me on the plane, to set, to my trailer,” she said. “Especially on this movie, there’s so much action, and this is great for a warm-up before we start the choreography as it activates everything, and you can use it again to cool down. It’s a good complement to Epsom salts and arnica cream as it helps the muscles to relax.” Shop at for $119

3. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix 

Considering de Armas just landed her ambassadorship for Estée Lauder, we’d expect her to navigate skincare with the brand she represents. “We’ve been shooting nights, and I’m not 15 anymore, so I have a double supply of this eye concentrate: one in my trailer, one in my hotel room. It depuffs, dark circles go away when I use it, and the little wand is heaven—especially when it’s cold. I usually keep my eye products and face rollers in the fridge, which is something my makeup artist taught me,” she said. Shop at for $74


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4. Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool 

Maintaining supple skin seems like a must for this actress. Plus, she gets the perfect opportunity to use her skincare tools each day: “I use a pink quartz gua sha tool all the time, every day. When they’re doing my hair in the trailer, I’m doing the gua sha movements on my face.” Shop at for $28

5. “No Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering”

We all need a little mindfulness in our lives, and de Armas appears to use reading as food for the soul. “I’m reading three books at the same time right now. But I always have this book on Buddhism on my nightstand,” she said. “You can keep coming back to it. Every chapter is a good reminder of what matters. It gives you tools to know yourself better and to have more control over what you want and who you are.” Shop at for $12

6. Coola Classic Body Spray Sunscreen

Like we previously mentioned, de Armas knows heat. And as radiant as she glows under the sun, the actress ensures to protect her skin with the help of SPF. “I love Coola Suncare. The body spray is super light and I love that it smells of cucumber, pineapple, and guava. It also gives you a beautiful shine, which makes it easy to re-apply because I like the shiny! It looks so pretty,” she said. Shop at for $10

7. Triangl Swimwear and Solid & Striped Bikinis 

To be a summer babe means owning a collection of bikinis — undoubtedly, we could all use a pause in our day to enjoy some turquoise waters while sipping on an icy piña colada. We’re not sure de Armas enjoys the waters as we do, but she understands the bikini memo: “I will have time off, just not that much time off. But I’m planning on going swimming this summer for sure, and I like bikinis from this brand called Triangl—and I love Solid & Striped. The shapes are so classic and elegant.” Shop at for $89 and for $88