Josh Duhamel Spills His Fitness Routine And 7 Gym-Bag Essentials

Josh DuhamelPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Whether you know him for his recurring role in the Transformers films or his swoon-worthy acting in Safe Haven, Josh Duhamel has certainly mastered how to look great in the spotlight. And now with Duhamel’s latest gig playing a superhero in Jupiter’s Legacy, it’s no surprise that the 48-year-old actor needed to get shredded in order to take on the role of The Utopian (the team leader of a super-powered family) in the Netflix series. 

In an interview with Men’s Health, Duhamel spoke about his fitness journey and how it’s transitioned from simple weightlifting to engaging in a combination of exercises — working out 4 to 5 times a week with rowing machines, his Peloton bike, and hot yoga — to stay flexible, injury-free and pain-free. All the while, the actor doesn’t forget his muscle-recovery routine: a vigorous rotation of hot tub and ice bath rotations. Of course, Duhamel eventually shared the contents of his gym bag that he keeps simple and ready-to-go to avoid excess planning. 


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1. Jump rope 

Not only does the jump rope keep Duhamel’s legs alive, but it helps the actor improve his running, quickness, and overall agility. Whether you want to do a quick cardio session or a few exercises to enhance swiftness, keeping a good old fashion jump rope in your gym bag remains essential for any fitness pro or beginner.

2. Jockstrap

Duhamel wasn’t shy to reveal his jockstrap, given the very clear display he showed the camera. “You know, I need support, so I have my jockstrap,” he said in the video. “I actually have two of these in case one of them gets sweaty.” Like a real superhero prepared for any situation, Duhamel doesn’t mess around with keeping his supportive armor handy. 

3. Nunchucks 

Of course, a superhero needs to train in order to combat evil. While he might not encounter too many villains at the gym, Duhamel likes to carry around a pair of nunchucks to practice his Kung Fu skills. He even gave a nice tough-guy demonstration to the audience while muttering, “somebody help with these,” under his breath. Lesson: Don’t mess with Duhamel. 

4. Bandana 

To keep the sweat off his brow, the actor next pulled out a black bandana. “I wrap it Axl-Rose style across my head,” Duhamel said while showing the audience how he sports it. If you’re going to break a sweat with a grueling workout, you should certainly pack a headband as Duhamel does — also works great for keeping the hairs out of your face. 

5. Goggles 

Sometimes, saving the day means venturing into a body of water to rescue an innocent bystander or damsel in distress. Naturally, Duhamel excitedly whipped out a pair of colorful, flashy goggles from his gym bag and proceeded to model them for the camera. “I am an aspiring triathlete,” he said in the video. “I haven’t done a triathlon yet, but I plan to someday.” Until then, Duhamel explained that his highly effective glasses will come in handy should he decide to spontaneously swim as he runs down the street. 

6. Air Jordans

Like any typical sneakerhead, Duhamel couldn’t miss the opportunity to flex his Air Jordans in university blue. “I love Jordans. I love old-school Adidas,” he said in the video. “These are probably not the ideal shoes to wear for working out, but I do really like these sneakers and I wanted to show them off for ya.” The actor can undoubtedly opt for better gym shoes, but we can’t blame the man for speaking the love language of all sneakerheads. 

7. Resistance Bands 

To remain in top shape on the road, Duhamel swears by his DON-A-MATRIX bands. “These were huge for me these last few months. This is all I had with me, and I carried them with me wherever I went,” he said while flashing the bands toward the camera. “This is a must-have, especially when I’m traveling.” If you’re looking to stock your gym bag with fitness gear, it’s definitely worth investing in good quality resistance bands. Well said, Josh.

Bonus: a raw egg

What was meant to be a joke actually turned into an eggcellent challenge. Or perhaps not, given Duhamel appeared to almost hurl after swallowing a raw egg whole. “You never know when you need a protein boost,” he said while insisting that it wasn’t hard-boiled. “I eat that sh** raw.” Despite his slight contemplation, Duhamel cracked open the egg and shot it down like a true champ. For executing this queasy act, we’d certainly give props to this superhero. 

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