Victoria Beckham Unveils Beauty Product With The Help Of Her Spouse

Victoria BeckhamPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

As summer 2021 approaches, it’s clear that golden skin will once again reign as a top beauty trend this upcoming season. And with the release of the new Matte Bronzing Brick by Victoria Beckham Beauty, you’ll surely achieve those sunkissed cheeks for that perfect summer glow. 

Victoria Beckham teased the launch of the new bronzer to her Instagram followers by posting several advertisements, including behind-the-scenes footage. The 47-year-old designer and entrepreneur even employed her former professional footballer husband David Beckham to step into the role of director for one of the latest advertisements, according to People

In an Instagram video posted to Victoria Beckham Beauty, the former Spice Girl revealed her husband’s role in the project. “Okay so we are in Miami filming for Victoria Beckham Beauty,” she said in the video. “We’ve got the lovely [hairstylist] Ken [Paves] and my director for the day who is going to be filming me.” Indeed, David can be seen holding a recording device in the video. 

In a 2017 interview with ELLE UK, Victoria opened up about how she and David support each other’s careers by balancing their work and home life. Previously, Victoria explained how her husband supports her work as a designer by caring for their children amid significantly busy periods, such as New York Fashion Week. “He’s got my back,” Victoria said about her 46-year-old spouse during behind-the-scenes footage of the beauty campaign posted to Instagram. 


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As for the product itself, the Matte Bronzing Brick comes available in five palettes — each matches a different skin tone — that each includes two matte shades to deliver the most natural sunkissed skin. “I use the lighter one for overall warmth and the second to contour and add definition,” Beckham wrote on an Instagram caption about the product. “It gives such a natural glow without sparkling or shining. I’ve been secretly using it for months and I have to say I am obsessed!” 

In an Instagram video posted to Victoria Beckham Beauty, Victoria spoke passionately of the new product’s inception. “After spending years on the set with various makeup artists, I’ve realized that it’s all about the right color and placement,” she said in the video. “Our new Victoria Beckham Beauty Matte Bronzing Brick is your answer to year-round warmth. You’re going to look like the sun has kissed your skin.” 

This product is available now at and retails for $58.