Mother’s Day: 10 Beauty Gifts For The Beautiful Woman You Call Mom

Before you could pick out your own shoes, match your clothes and style your hair, it was probably your mother who guided you through the processes of looking beautiful. Perhaps she taught you how to put on mascara or showed you her elaborate night-time skincare routine. The point: If there’s anyone who deserves something special and glamorous, it’s definitely mom. Instead of sticking to the simple card and bouquet of roses this Mother’s Day (though it’d be nice to include those things, too), check out these 10 beauty gifts to shower the most beautiful woman in your life. 

1. A Luxurious Spa Day

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Considering all the time your mom has devoted to not only raising you but picking up every phone call you pester her with, give her a break with a gift certificate for a massage, manicure, or blowout. Encourage an afternoon pampering herself by shopping for skincare products from Heyday or visiting a Blo Blow Dry Bar for that silky blowout that’ll make her feel stunning. 

Shop at, $25-300; and

2. Ageless Skincare


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Have your mom appreciating more than Jennifer Lopez’s Maid in Manhattan and The Wedding Planner by gifting her the star’s new skincare line, JLO Beauty. With an assortment of face creams and serums to offer that youthful glow that Jennifer Lopez clearly sports herself, the celebrity’s products are sure to be a hit with mom. Shop single items like That Hit Single Cleanser, That JLO Glow Serum, That Blockbuster Cream, That Fresh Take Eye Cream, or That Limitless Glow Mask. Make sure to check the website for regular deals, such as the Star Power Duo that bundles the serum and hydration cream.

Shop at, $36-$79

3. Colorfully Moisturized Lips 


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Infused with fruit oils and hyaluronic acid, the new line of Crushed Shine Jelly Sticks by Bobbi Brown provides lips with a sheer popsicle tint that delivers the perfect pop of color. Choose from six vibrant shades of jelly sticks that each help to plump, smooth, and improve the lips’ moisture barrier. The gift is perfect for on-the-go moms because of the quick glide-on, soft finish she’ll receive from each swipe of the lipstick. 

Shop at, $29

4. Silky Surfaces 


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As your mom ages gracefully, many new surprises may enter life: a sense of peace, grandkids, and perhaps some fine lines and wrinkles. There’s only so much you can do to convince mom of how beautiful she remains, but you can gift her the Featherweight Makeup Trio by Tatcha. Recommended for all skin types (as well as fine lines and wrinkles), the gift set offers three of Tatcha’s skin-protecting products — The Liquid Silk Canvas protective primer, The Silk Powder setting powder, and The Powder Brush — that work in harmony to reveal radiant skin. We’re sure mom will love the smooth complexion she’ll achieve by using this posh trio. 

Shop at, $150

5. A Beautiful Aroma


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If there’s one classic scent that Estée Lauder has given us, it’s Beautiful (literally). The perfume is a romantic favorite among the beauty company’s fragrance lineup. A single spritz from the tube delivers a rich combination of citrus and flower blossoms — perfect for the elegant mother who considers her life a luxury. Give mom the classic scent or spoil her with the new rendition, Beautiful Absolu, which is a special collector’s edition designed as an exclusive collaboration between Estée Lauder and the art of Andy Warhol.

Shop at, $98 (Beautiful Absolu) and $86 (Beautiful)

6. Glimmering Cheekbones


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Sometimes, all you need is your mother’s warm smile to brighten your mood. We all love the kindness and welcomeness we feel by looking at mom’s lovely face, so step up her glow by gifting her the Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops by Chanel. This sheer liquid highlighter adds a subtle rosy tint to the area applied, giving the skin a pearlescent glow. Whether worn alone or layered over makeup, this product is sure to give your mom that radiant look that has everyone — especially you — admiring her beauty from a distance. 

Shop at, $50

7. A Self-Performed Cosmetic Treatment


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Despite the beauty you see in the woman who raised you, perhaps your mother doesn’t notice it herself anymore. Maybe she’s one of those always-staring-in-the-mirror types of women who analyze every single imperfection that besets her face with old age. If so, boost your mother’s confidence by gifting her a Tripollar STOP X. The device uses Radio Frequency technology to stimulate all layers of the dermis homogeneously, which accelerates the natural production of collagen and elastin. Painless and easy to use, the Tripollar STOP X has been shown to significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines while giving immediate and long-lasting results. In no time, you’ll hear your mom bragging about how much tighter and smoother her skin feels thanks to your special gift. 

Shop at, $399

8. Departing From Dark Spots


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Before she had you, your mom was probably living her life to the fullest and spending lots of summer days under the sun. She enjoyed her youth, but now she’s probably faced with something new: dark spots. As if numerous products didn’t already exist to diminish those dreadful spots, but one that has exceptional reviews it was declared one of the best dark spot correctors by Harper’s Bazaar is Vinoperfect by Caudalie. The highly concentrated, lightweight serum harnesses the brightening properties of a vine sap derivative credited with expunging the spots on the hands of winemakers for centuries. The product’s milky consistency is oil-free and absorbs fast into the skin. Ideal for covering dark spots and boosting radiance, Vinoperfect is a skincare product you’re mom will be excited to try. 

Shop at, $79

9. Professional At-Home Blowout


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We all enjoy going to the salon to get a glamorous blowout (clearly mentioned in the first gift idea), but is that because we don’t have the blowdryer? You know, the one that tops them all: the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Receiving the Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2016 and 2017, this blowdryer was designed to protect hair from extreme heat damage, increase shine and reduce frizz. The dryer itself is powerful and comes with several magnetic styling attachments so your mom can change her hairstyles each day depending on the occasion. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is definitely one of those beauty products that deserve all the hype, which makes it an excellent gift for someone you really care about. 

Shop at, $399

10. A Hydrating Slumber

After a long day of being a mother, we know she deserves her rest. As her mind drifts away peacefully into REM sleep, her skin will absorb the rich moisture and essential oils found in Tata Harper's Mother’s Day set. The Beauty Sleep duo includes the Crème Riche night cream (infused with avocado peptides, Vitamin E, and F) and Aromatic Bedtime Treatment (infused with lavender, roman chamomile, clary sage, and 6 other essential oils). Both products are meant to not only restore supple, youthful skin but also inspire tranquility and peace for easy sleep. For the mom that does it all, this Tata Harper set will surely transport her to an oasis of relaxed sensations and sweet dreams. 

Shop at, $200