What Causes Ingrown Hairs And How To Treat It With Dr. Turegano

Mamina Turegano, MD, is a triple board-certified dermatologist, internist, and dermatopathologist. Dr. Turegano has a special interest in evaluating how nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, and other environmental factors can play a significant role in inflammation, aging, and cancer. She enjoys incorporating holistic practices in her patients who deal with anything ranging from acne to warts. Dr. Turegano has an active and thriving cosmetic and laser practice, where she performs various neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau) and filler injections (Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero). She also performs Kybella, micro-needling, chemical peels, and plate-rich plasma PRP injections. Given her background in internal medicine, she also has an interest in complex medical dermatology, including autoimmune skin diseases and psoriasis. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Mamina Turegano explains what causes ingrown hairs offering several tips to effectively treat them.

ingrown hairsPhoto Credit: ShutterstockHB: What causes ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs are caused when hair gets trapped under a build-up of dead skin cells that collect in the pores. This will cause the hair to grow at an angle and get trapped under the skin.

HB: How do you treat ingrown hairs?

Shaving practices are very important. I recommend using a gentle exfoliating cleanser before you shave, shave with the grain (in the same direction your hair is growing in), and with every stroke, wash off the razor. Try not to shave too close to the skin because when the hair grows back in, there is a higher chance of it getting trapped. I also recommend regular use of retinoids in shaving areas for prevention. It avoids a build-up of the skin by increasing skin cell turnover. If the ingrown hair is severe, a dermatologist may extract ingrown hair. If it is inflamed, cortisone is typically injected. If it is infected, we treat the infection appropriately with topical or oral medicines.

HB: Where is the number one spot you see ingrown hairs form?

It happens most commonly where people shave or wax. In women, it is most likely seen in the bikini area. In men, it is most likely seen in the beard area. Oftentimes, it happens more in curlier hair.

HB: What products/treatments decrease the chance of ingrown hairs?

Laser hair removal is very helpful if you are prone to ingrown hairs, especially if you shave and/or wax all the time.

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