Tetri’s Smile Dental Boutique: The Benefits Of “Marrying” A Dentist

MarriageLife holds challenges for all of us, and those challenges are easier faced when we don’t approach them alone. Family, work, health, and happiness are all critical factors in achieving a prosperous life, and the ideal way to achieve those life goals is typical with a partner. Your partner can help you maneuver through life’s highs and lows, all while holding your hand in support. Finding a dentist that fits your family’s health and budgetary needs can be near as tasking as finding your significant other. There are many aspects to consider when choosing your ideal dentist; what services do they offer? Are their serves within my budget? Do they have the reviews and ratings that showcase a positive experience from their other patients? Meeting for a dental consultation doesn’t need to be as intimidating as agreeing to a blind date. Finding the dentist that is right for you often takes time and research. You may even meet with a dentist a few times and find that their work doesn’t fit your overall oral health goals. You and your Dentist need to share trust and be compatible. Crafting both long- and short-term goals together can set you on the right path to achieving the perfect smile. What are some benefits of finding your ideal dentist?

Finding the Right Dentist Can Mean Finding Your Health and Confidence

Having a positive working relationship with your dentist is imperative to achieving your ultimate dental health and shining smile. Sticking with a dentist who doesn’t understand your needs, goals, and budget just asks for trouble.

When you are seeking out new dental care, asking for a consultation is something that can get you into the door without a big commitment. You will be able to see if the two of you have the same outlook on your future oral health and if you are both comfortable with one another. Even after your consultation, if somewhere down the road you feel that the connection between you and your dentist is lost or your communication is lackluster, ultimately looking elsewhere may be in your best interest.

Working with the Wrong Dentist

Another similarity between seeking the right dentist and seeking a significant other is that settling is never suitable for anyone involved. Working with an inexperienced or impatient dentist is more than likely going to end with frustration. If you and your dentist don’t share overall oral healthcare goals, the two of you could be working towards opposite ends of the dentistry spectrum. If your dentist either does not listen to your wants and needs or if you don’t feel comfortable enough conveying them, the two of you should not be working together. Proper communication between dentist and patient is the cornerstone of a healthy, pain-free mouth. Not to mention, insecurities about your smile are directly linked to your self-confidence.

Working with the Right Dentist

Perhaps the most predominant reason to seek a professional dentist is your teeth’ lasting health, beauty, and smile. Your ideal dentist will always have your best interests in mind and will actively seek to understand your goals. It may sound like a simple, overly obvious statement, but being knowledgeable about your dental health is the very first step in building a trusted relationship with your doctor. You can’t thoroughly inspect your mouth for damages or health concerns, but you can rely on your dentist to not only find the potential issues but to construct a plan on how to rectify them. This becomes increasingly important when you consider that 25.9% of U.S. adults have dental issues going untreated.

Things that may not seem like big problems can sometimes be symptoms of a much larger issue. Your oral health can be a gateway to your overall health. Lousy breath, hot or cold sensitivity, and bleeding or swollen gums may seem like minor inconveniences, but sometimes they can turn out to be symptoms of far more significant health problems. Your dentist will follow your oral health and can help you watch for signs of health risks, not to mention, they’ll keep your smile looking pristine. A confident smile is the easiest way to put your best foot forward in every aspect of your life, and your ideal dentist can help you achieve and maintain that oral status.

Dr. TetriPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dr. TetriWhat Qualifications Should My Dentist Have?

Not all dental professionals specialize in the same type of care. Some dentists may focus on different areas than others. If you have a particular area of your mouth that's in pain, or if you’re insecure about a part of your mouth that looks less than perfect, you may need to seek out a dentist who focuses their talents in your immediate area of need.

A general dentist focuses on the broad spectrum of dental health. Any student who graduates from dental school can practice as a licensed general dentist. Some general dentists perform tooth extractions and root canals in their office, but most of them tend to focus on restorative dentistry and primary hygiene care. Some services typically provided by the majority of general dentists are:

• Emergency exams
• Oral cancer screenings
• Cleanings
• Gum treatments
• White fillings
• Porcelain crowns
• Bridges
• Veneers
• Teeth Whitening

If you’re seeking a different or more invasive oral care, you may need to research and make appointments with other dental professionals, such as:

Prosthodontist: A prosthodontist is a dental professional who works to make prostheses or replace teeth. These replacement teeth can be made removable or non-removable within the patient’s mouth.

Oral Surgeon: An oral and maxillofacial surgeon typically handles all wisdom tooth extractions. Wisdom teeth do not usually have enough room to maneuver through your gum and into your mouth, and getting them out will call for a surgeon.

Orthodontist: An orthodontist handles braces and the straightening of teeth. They also typically care about bad bites or malocclusion.

Periodontist: A periodontist works on their patient’s gums, bones, and tissues which support the health of your teeth.

Endodontist: An endodontist is usually known for their root canal specialty. They handle the infected or dead nerve of a tooth, which can be unbelievably painful.

Researching Your Dentist

In today’s technological age, you can often times determine whether or not you would like to meet with a dentist before you even call their offices. Through the power of Google, you can (and should) look up how long your dentist has been practicing for and how their other patients feel about them. A quick internet search of the dentist’s practice will undoubtedly bring up patient reviews that can give you a feel of how other people like or dislike the doctor in question.

Like the majority of today’s businesses, it’s common for dental practices to have social media accounts. These accounts are also a great way to feel out a dentist before you make contact with them. Positive and negative comments may sway your decision-making and, therefore, can save you time on counter-productive consultations. The internet is also a gateway to “get to know you” information that can be helpful in choosing a dentist. Many social media accounts and business websites carry a doctor informational page that lets you know their qualifications and a little about them personally. This research can be a great place to start your search.

Tetri's Smile Dental BoutiquePhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dr. TetriFinding the Best Dentist for You in Miami

In the bustling city of Miami, it’s easy to become overburdened by the long list of choices laid ahead of you. Especially when you consider that over 8K dentists call Florida home. With so many options, how do you check out the right dentist for you?

Dr. Tetri with Tetri's Smile is an experienced dental professional in the Miami area who caters to satisfied patients who continue to return to him for all their oral health needs. Dr. Tetri’s career-defining processes of one-day surgery and full-mouth rehabilitation are what sets his skill set apart from competitors. His office and staff are welcoming and warm, while his rapport with patients and efficient dentistry keep people coming back.

Dr. Baruch Tetri DDS PC takes pride in treating complicated dental challenges that many others may shy away from in his line of work. He strives to prevent patient’s pain and to rebuild their confidence through crafting beautiful smiles. Being well versed in dental implants, veneers, and restoration work, Dr. Tetri uses his surgical skill and cosmetic expertise to bring every patient to their best possible dental health.

Dr. Baruch Tetri welcomes consultations and views them as a beautiful way to get to know one another. He believes that maintaining a positive relationship with your dentist will keep the two of you happily working together as doctor and patient for many years to come. Dr. Tetri is confident that once you begin receiving dental services from his practice, you’ll never feel the need to venture elsewhere.

Recently, Dr. Baruch Tetri has begun practicing Neuromuscular Dentistry treatments which can directly help ease jaw pain, headaches, mouth opening limitations, and pains while chewing. These types of ailments are linked to aching in other body parts, snoring, and numbness. Curing these issues in his patients is something that Dr. Tetri takes pride in and cannot wait to share with you.

To learn more about finding the right dentist for you, contact the experts at Tetri’s Smile Dental Boutique at 786-320-5445. Our licensed professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Tetri's Smile Dental BoutiquePhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Tetri