Face And Body Aesthetic Services For Anti-Aging & Body Sculpting

Dr. Deepa Verma is double board-certified in family medicine and integrative holistic medicine. She graduated magna cum laude from The College of NJ and is a graduate of Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey (formerly known as Robert Wood Johnson Medical School). Dr. Verma completed her family medicine residency at Somerset Medical Center and was elected chief resident. She founded Synergistiq Integrative Health, her private practice, in 2013, during a very challenging time in her life.

Haute Beauty integrative and anti-aging expert Dr. Deepa Verma discusses face and body aesthetic services for anti-aging and fitness and body sculpting.

Anti agingPhoto Credit: ShutterstockHB: What face aesthetic services do you provide for anti-aging?

I offer a plethora of face + body aesthetics in my integrative, anti-aging practice. Aesthetics has been a rapidly burgeoning area in my practice amongst numerous services I offer. One can always check out all my medical and aesthetic services on my website www.synergistiqhealth.com. For face aesthetics, I offer Diamond Glow Dermalinfusion, PDO threads, Vivace RF microneedling, Juliet laser skin resurfacing, excel V+ laser which is a multifunctional workhorse that performs so many amazing procedures. I also do hyaluronic acid fillers and neuromodulators and offer the best in organic and medical-grade skincare.

HB: What body aesthetic services do you provide for fitness and body sculpting?

Non-invasive and non-surgical body sculpting are rapidly gaining popularity and momentum as there are no surgery-associated risks and virtually no downtime. My most popular body aesthetics is called truBody, which is the combo of truSculpt iD for permanent fat burning, up to 24% in one session along with the truSculpt flex for muscle building and toning. The fleX uses multidirectional bioelectrical stimulation to thicken muscle fibers. For example, a 45-minute session on the abs is equivalent to 54,000 crunches! This cannot be achieved in real life. When the iD and flex are combined, the benefits are amplified and I like to call it the “triple threat,” which is fat destruction, muscle-sculpting, and skin tightening. I also offer the Juliet erbium laser for vaginal rejuvenation which my women absolutely love. The CVAC pod is a hypobaric chamber that conditions the body and optimizes endurance and stamina. All aesthetic services are what I like to call ‘lunchtime procedure,” because you literally walk in and out and no one will ever know that you had a procedure done. No worries about leaving incognito or through a backdoor.

Body sculpting Photo Credit: ShutterstockHB: How can these services be intertwined with one another?

Face + body aesthetics go hand-in-hand in my humble opinion. Everyone wants to look good as it gives you confidence. I work a lot with my patients to start their best self-care from the inside out. But when you focus also on the outside, you give people the confidence to want to live better. When people look in the mirror and are happy with what they see, that in turn motivates them to want to eat healthier and exercise and take care of themselves in a more holistic approach, looking at the mind-body-soul collectively, which is the very essence of my integrative, anti-aging practice.

HB: Who benefits the most from your anti-aging and fitness services?

EVERYONE!!! One of my motivating mottos is…"It is never too early or too late to start taking care of yourself.” Age is just a number. Genetics is only 25% of what happens to us, good or bad. We need to take control of our destiny. It all starts with you. I practice preventative and proactive healthcare. Waiting for something to happen is only being reactive. It is then that much harder to reverse the damage. Don’t wait for your mental, physical, emotional, and sexual health to decline. Do everything you can to preserve it and slow down the aging process. Learn to age gracefully and optimally. And that goes for both men and women.

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