How To Choose The Right Dentist According To The Haute Beauty Smile Experts

Haute beauty expertPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

We asked the Haute Beauty Smile Experts their best advice for choosing the right dentist, here's what they had to say:

Dr. Katherine Lorenzo Sirage | smile expert | Miami

My advice is to look for someone not only knowledgeable in their field but someone they feel comfortable with. Patients should feel at ease discussing their desires and needs to their specialist, and feel like the specialist is listening and creating a treatment plan that is exactly tailored for them.

Dr. Michelle Luis | smile expert | North Miami

What should be your top priority when choosing a specialist? You should look for board certification and ensure that they have proper credentials to practice whatever specialty of medicine you are looking for. Also, it is important to determine which communication style you prefer. Are you someone who wants to be able to spend a lot of time with detailed Q’s and A’s regarding treatments or procedures? Are you someone who prefers a more interpersonal type of communication? Or are you a more straight to the point kind of person? I encourage patients to place value and understating on their communication style in order to find the best provider for them. A good match between styles between patient and healthcare provider allows for positive interaction and enhances the understanding, thus creating trust. Trust is fundamental to any relationship, and someone responsible for your health may be one of the most important relationships you can have.

Dr. Steven Davidowitz | smile expert | New York City

"My advice, for those who are not lucky enough to be referred by family and friends and are seeking out a cosmetic dentist, would be to do their research. One should begin by searching the internet. This will help evaluate a dentist's ability, years of experience, continuing education training in the area of cosmetic dentistry, their focus on cosmetic dentistry at their practice, and their personality and philosophy of care. He/She should be able to provide you with before-and-after examples so you can see the work he/she has performed for others as well as help design and simulate how you will look after treatment. And remember that the reason cosmetic dentistry requires a significant financial investment is that a highly trained professional is creating a work of art that you will showcase with every smile for years to come. It is not a decision that should be "shopped around". Proper Research and a sense of trust are important in making a selection of which cosmetic dentist you should choose.'