American Heart Association And Broward Health Come Together For #HealthyBroward Campaign

American heart associationPhoto Credit: American Heart AssociationThe American Heart Association of South Florida has joined forces with Broward Health on a campaign called #HealthyBroward. The campaign spotlights hotspots in the community where residents can find healthy foods, engage in physical activities and discover new ways of restoring mental well-being.

“The Healthy Broward Campaign looks to promote affordable and attainable resources in nearby neighborhoods so that more people can discover healthy foods, active living, and managing stress levels in their own communities,” said Jennifer Campbell, Executive Director of the American Heart Association. “Our goal of this awareness campaign is for Broward residents to feel healthy living is more achievable.”

#HealthyBroward is also sponsoring a scavenger hunt on social media to encourage citizens to post their own pictures of their favorite places to engage in healthy activities. Check out the resources below for more information and to learn about how to join the American Heart Association of South Florida and Broward County in becoming a more #HealthyBroward.


Nearly half of all adults have some form of heart disease. It's the No. 1 killer here locally, even though it's largely preventable. Research shows that zip code impacts life expectancy -- not just genetics or daily habits. We are committed to building a thriving market by making the healthy choice the easy choice. Our surrounding environment is one of the best weapons to live a long and healthy life, so this campaign shows how, where, and what resources are available in our own backyard.


The food we eat either nourishes the body, or it does not. What we consume vastly impacts our overall health. Farmers' markets, community gardens, and CSAs offer locally grown, seasonal, nutritious produce at reasonable prices. Food pantries and cooking classes make healthy foods accessible. Our Heart-Checkmark certification makes it easier to identify healthy foods at the grocery store. And family-friendly recipes are available for all at


Research backs the importance of getting 150 minutes per week of aerobic activity for adults, but that is easier said than done. We can show off our community's free public greenways, local parks, walking and biking trails, outdoor exercise equipment, adult sports leagues, and kid-friendly playgrounds as affordable and safe ways to move more.

Broward HealthPhoto Credit: Broward Health


Meditation promotes self-care by lowering stress levels and blood pressure. Time in nature allows for an increase of mindfulness and well-being, oxygen, and Vitamin D. Outdoor yoga combines breathing techniques with intentional movement. Whether in a group setting or quiet solitude, taking care of the body means taking care of one's thoughts and feelings too.


Promoting affordable resources in nearby neighborhoods means more people can discover healthy foods, more people can get active, and more people can manage stress levels and mental health. It means access to healthy living becomes more attainable. It means your loved ones, employees, neighbors, and community can take nearby steps toward a healthier life.