How Radiofrequency Coupled With Micro-needling Addresses Signs Of Aging, Acne & Scarring

How Radiofrequency with Micro-needling Works

Radiofrequency micro-needling is a technique designed to stimulate elasticity in the skin. This treatment isn’t actually what you’re thinking of- it’s not traditional micro-needling. Instead, a radiofrequency micro-needling tool is more like a “stamp” that creates microscopic holes.

Using very fine needles, the machine ‘stamps’ the skin, and radiofrequency is directly applied to deeper layers to stimulate them. By causing slight damage to the skin, new blood and nutrients rush to the treatment area and balance the chemical levels.

By further adjusting the depth of the micro-needles, radiofrequency treatments can be tailored to address each patient’s individual needs such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, or even stretch marks!

The most popular radiofrequency micro-needling treatment is offered by Cutera called Secret RF.

What are the benefits of Secret RF Microneedling vs Traditional Micro-needling?

Micro-needling, AKA Collagen Induction Therapy, is a treatment that uses needles to damage the surface of the skin. This process forces the skin to rebuild and regenerate itself, and in the process gets rid of old skin cells.

What is Secret RF?

Secret RF, on the other hand, is a fractional micro-needling treatment. The machine also punctures the skin in order to create a controlled injury and forces the skin to rejuvenate. However, Secret RF uses thermal energy to cause damage underneath the top layer of the skin. By keeping more of the surrounding tissue in healthy condition the body can quickly recover from the damage and rejuvenate faster than otherwise possible.

Secret RF has different heads to allow for optimal customization of the treatment. There are insulated and semi insulated needles and 64-pin or 25-pin needles, all are gold plated.

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What skin types can Secret RF micro-needling treat?

The best part about Secret RF is its customizability! Using different arrays and amounts of needles at different sizes, all skin types can be treated effectively. The treatment allows for the reproduction of the two most important skin proteins: collagen and elastin. These two skin proteins are the culprits for almost any and all skin concerns. Each year after the age of 20 our collagen production reduces by 1%, so stimulating its production is essential to looking and feeling young.

What to expect during treatment:

Secret RF dermal remodeling procedure may be uncomfortable, as it does use microneedles to penetrate the lower layer of skin, the dermis. Topical anesthetic cream or gel may be applied to the area 30 minutes beforehand to aid with comfort during the procedure. Once the area is numb, the probe is placed directly on the treatment areas.

Pressure and heat are felt during the process. The length of the procedure is usually between 20 to 30 minutes, but it is directly proportional to the amount of area being treated.
Our nurses are highly trained professionals that have training and experience with this machine. They are very receptive to their patients and monitor the treatments accordingly.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments varies between individuals based on skin tone, types of acne scars, the severity of stretch marks, the color of stretch marks, and the area being treated. Typically, 1-4 treatments can provide results for any sort of concern. In fact, most people will notice a difference after just one treatment.

However, It is important to note that optimal results are usually seen within three months of the final treatment session, and it is necessary to receive all treatments in order to have lasting results. Our nurses will outline a treatment plan with you and discuss these things before any treatment occurs.

How long do you wait between treatments?

Treatments should take place about every 4-6 weeks apart to allow the skin to heal, and for new collagen to grow in the treated area. It is very important to note that this process does take time. The skin has to fully heal and regenerate itself before a second third or fourth procedure is performed! However, there are many types of facials that can be safely administered between your Secret Radio Frequency Microneedling treatments.

Radiofrequency with Micro-needling Before and After

The of Secret Radio Frequency micro-needling is pretty incredible. It can effectively treat many serious skin concerns like scarring, acne scars, stretch marks, and tighten loose and saggy skin. Treatment depth and intensity will be customized to the patient's skin type and severity of the skin concerns.

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Acne scars being treated and significantly reduced after just one treatment o Secret RF.

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