Acne Can Be Fixed Through Numerous Treatments

Amanda Doyle, MD, FAAD., is a Board Certified Dermatologist, Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, an active member of The Women’s Dermatologic Society and serves as Faculty at the Mount Sinai Hospital, where she teaches Dermatology Residents and Medical Students. Dr. Doyle has received numerous honors and awards for her clinical excellence and research contributions within the field of dermatology. Following her undergraduate studies, she earned her medical degree and completed her residency training in Dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. During her time there, she was awarded the William Montagna Award for Excellence in Dermatological Research for her significant contributions to the study of acne working under the mentorship of Dr. Alan Shalita. Dr. Doyle’s research has been presented in several conferences and awarded, and she scored in the top 98thpercentile, amongst the highest in the country, on the National Board Exam. Haute Beauty chats with Dr. Amanda Doyle of Russak Dermatology Clinic to discuss the causes of acne and helpful treatments to achieve better skin.

Photo Credit: ShutterstockHB: What treatments do you offer that address acne?

We offer comprehensive skin care evaluations and effective tailored routines for at home, laser treatments, chemical peels, photodynamic therapies for acne, and personalized medical facials for deeper extractions and improvement in pigmentation.

HB: How do each of these treatments work?

The tailored skincare routines work by reducing bacteria and inflammation that cause acne and many routines incorporate retinoids and retinol which work to remove the deep-seated debris in pores that cause textural issues and recurrent breakouts. Laser treatments can remove surface blemishes and pigmentation from prior acne breakouts and it helps improve the appearance of acne scarring. Chemical peels can incorporate glycolic and salicylic acid, both of which treat acne and pigmentation to give the skin a bright, healthy glow. Photodynamic therapy involves a topical medication with light/laser which in turn kills the bacteria that causes acne and suppresses oil production to reduce breakouts.

Photo Credit: ShutterstockHB: What are some of the major causes of acne?

Acne is due to hormonal changes, bacteria, and secondary inflammation. It can also be triggered by oils, certain products, and makeup so it’s important to address all of these.

HB: Does age have to do with it?

When we are teenagers, acne is often the typical acne you think of. However, we see a lot of adult acne in both men and women, which can often be triggered by stress, dietary issues, and hormonal elements.

HB: Are multiple treatments needed?

Most of our recommendations involve a series of treatments to achieve our goals and get patients the best result.