Fix Your Facial Wrinkles With Dr. Milind Ambe

Facial wrinkles can be cured with Dr. Milind Ambe, a nationally renowned for having one of the top aesthetic surgery practices in Southern California. His practice, Newport Beach Plastic Surgery, has thrived at its Newport Beach location for 20 years and remains one of the busiest practices of any Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Ambe and his multi-specialty surgical center have been featured in multiple television programs, magazines, newspapers, and other national media coverage; a testament to his perfected skill, unparalleled experience, and excellent results.

Dr. Milind Ambe opened his practice in Newport Beach where he specializes in cosmetic breast, facial, and body-contouring surgeries. He has also received national and international acclaim by being the surgeon of choice for the women on the hit TV show, The Real Housewives of Orange County for the past decade.

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Haute Beauty had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Milind Ambe to discuss wrinkles in the face.

HB: What minimally invasive options do you offer to address wrinkles in the face?

We have multiple minimally invasive options to address wrinkles in the face. Besides the standard Botox to relax muscles and fillers to fill in volume loss and deeper lines, we offer several non-surgical laser treatments in my office. Ultherapy, Vivace RF micro-needling, Clear + Brilliant, and Fractionated CO2 laser are all excellent options for stimulating collagen and addressing wrinkles.  In addition, platelet-rich plasma or other growth factors used with the aforementioned procedures gives added benefit.

HB: What is the difference between the treatments?

The difference between treatments really depends on what the patient's expectations and downtime availability are.   They are all excellent nonsurgical treatment options and all of them work well together. So they have a synergistic benefit when combining these procedures.

HB: Who is the best candidate for each?

The best candidate for these treatments is an otherwise healthy female or male that desires a more youthful appearance without a surgical procedure.

HB: Do you have a preferred method?

I do not have a preferred method.  My main recommendation is to do procedures that stimulate collagen on a regular basis.  Also when it comes to Botox I recommend staying current with it and having it performed every three months to maintain the best result.

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HB: What is the cost for each?

The cost varies based on how many treatments are performed, or how much Botox and filler is used.  We have multiple packages and treatments for different budgets.

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