Why It’s Important To See Your Dermatologist For An Annual Skin Check

A skin check and Bobby Awadalla, MD go hand in hand. Dr. Booby Awadalla is a well-respected board-certified dermatologist and Mohs micrographic surgeon. He brings his extensive knowledge of dermatology and state-of-the-art expertise in skin cancer removal, facial plastic reconstruction and cosmetic dermatology to help his patients in his medical practice. Dr. Bobby Awadalla is also active in research and has authored numerous articles in the field of dermatology as well as seven books in the Skincredible series. His expertise in this field has led to him become a sought-out speaker at medical conferences.

Haute Beauty sat down with Dr. Bobby Awadalla to discuss skin check treatments.
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HB: What issues do a skin check work to address?

Skin checks are a very important part of skin cancer surveillance and a great time to speak to your dermatologist about your skincare needs.

HB: Walk us through the process.

When you come into the office you will be asked to remove all your clothing down to your undergarments and get into a gown. Your skin will be checked thoroughly from head to toe including your scalp and in between your toes for any suspicious spots. Any spots that are suspicious will be biopsied and sent to the lab for evaluation. This is also the time to discuss whatever else is concerning you about your skin.

HB: Who is a good candidate for a skin check with you?

Everyone should get an annual skin exam. Those people with a family or personal history of skin cancer or significant UV exposure at a higher risk and need to make sure to come at least once a year or even every 6 months.

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HB: What is recovery process like?

If a biopsy is performed you will need to take care of the wound for 1-2 weeks. Most wounds heal very quickly with very little to no scarring. In between skin checks we would also advise patients to check their skin once per month to make sure they don’t see any new or changing spots.

HB: What is the cost?

Insurance usually covers skin checks but depending on your insurance you may have to pay a copay or your deductible. We can help give you an idea of those costs when you call into the office.

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