Dr. Steven Svehlak Talks Renuvion, The Pandemic And His Experience

Dr. Steven Svehlak has worked side by side with a 30-year veteran of plastic surgery, performing rhinoplasty, breast augmentations and reductions, liposuction, and facial surgery. He became very knowledgeable in the art of cosmetic surgery and developed a keen eye in aesthetics. He operates his practice, Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, with Dr. Dan Yamini. Although Dr. Svehlak was invited to join that practice, he decided to open up a practice of his own with a different plastic surgeon, Dr. Dan Yamini.

Dr. Svehlak has been featured in the Consumers’ Research Council of America’s Guide to America’s Top Plastic Surgeons for the past six years.

Haute Beauty sat down with Dr. Steven Svehlak to talk about the pandemic.


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HB: How has the pandemic changed you as a plastic surgeon?

The global pandemic and the quarantine has had a profound impact on everyone worldwide.  For me, personally, the last few months have been a period of intense personal reflection, growth, and transformation.  Like many people, I became much more focused on health and safety while purely cosmetic needs became totally secondary.  This has brought about a very dramatic shift in the way I will practice plastic surgery going forward.  I’m shifting my practice to a more holistic and functional practice where the emphasis is not purely cosmetic but more focused on helping patients feel and function better.

HB: How has the pandemic changed my practice of plastic surgery?

My practice philosophy is first and foremost about people’s health and inner peace. Health is the most important gift and blessing in life. Now in this new reality we live in, I have committed myself to a much more mindful practice of plastic surgery.  The way I bring more value to my patients is to help them achieve the transformation they are looking for not just in the body but also most importantly in mind and spirit. My practice is about finding what is natural, balanced and serving my patients on a more holistic level.

pandemicPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

HB: How has the pandemic changed your patients and how they view beauty?

My patients have become much focused on truly natural and authentic results with their plastic surgery and injectable treatments. Nobody likes to be over done with exaggerated results.  Emerging from the pandemic has made my patients much more mindful of their safety and health.

HB: What is the latest most exciting technology in your practice?



I would like to share that Dr. Svehlak and I are the first board-certified plastic surgeons in West Hollywood who offer Renuvion. Renuvion technology is a very sophisticated and advanced Device that uses radio frequency powered by Helium plasma to create an unparalleled skin tightening effect. This may prove to be a cutting edge, game changing technology that could reshape how we practice plastic surgery. It could enable us to perform many procedures using minimally invasive techniques where in the past we had to resort to large incisions to remove excess or loose skin.  I am very excited to use this new technology to enhance skin tightening of the neck, abdomen arms and thighs.

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