WATCH: At Home With Haute Beauty/MD Webinars Featuring Dr. Rahi

As the medical industry is adapting to working from home, Haute Beauty/MD Network continues to host a series of live webinars on Zoom, featuring surgeons, doctors driving innovation, and the thought leaders in their respective fields. The Haute Beauty/MD Network webinars give viewers the opportunity to connect with doctors in real-time to answer all their cosmetic, plastic surgery concerns, and medical concerns.

Haute Beauty/MD Network continued its live webinar series "At Home With Haute Beauty" on Zoom with Los Angeles-based Dr. Raheleh Sarbaziha, Dr. Rahi for short.

Webinar highlights:

  • Dr. Rahi dishes on the hype behind the latest trend is aesthetics: PDO threads, a minimally invasive technique using sutures to stimulate the creation of collagen to lift and tighten almost anywhere on the body.
  • Integrative approach: Dr. Rahi talks about why she combines a more natural approach to everything she does and how she discovered integrative medicine, such as nutrient testing.
  • Dr. Rahi tells us what supplements to take in order to avoid bruising and swelling post-treatment.

Check out the video!

About Dr. Rahi:

Since 2013 Dr. Rahi, has been reimagining the realms of integrative medicine and aesthetic beauty, bringing a unique perspective and approach. Armed with her qualifications from Ross University School of Medicine and the University of Toronto, Dr. Rahi ventured out to share her knowledge of the human body with the nation and world. With a fellowship in Integrative Medicine Dr. Rahi today specializes in helping her patients look and feel more confident.

Dr. Rahi believes that each patient is unique. That’s why she works with each individual on a deeply personal level, collaborating with local labs to engineer customized supplement plans and hormonal therapy. Each tailored “body blueprint” is designed to help Dr. Rahi’s patients prevent disease, combat the visible signs of aging, and enjoy overall improved health and strength.

Dr. Rahi is more than your average doctor. This people’s person and experienced aesthetician uses the art and science of integrative medicine to help her patients look and feel like the best versions of themselves to date. Dr. Rahi’s philosophy is the perfect middle-ground between traditional and unconventional, embracing exciting new opportunities in medicine without neglecting trusted ancient techniques.