Breast Augmentation Surgery Will Change Your Looks

Breast Augmentation surgery will change your looks with Dr. Paul! Dr. Paul F. Fortes is a double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon; an artist and a leading aesthetic plastic surgeon based in Houston, Texas, where his practice Paul F. Fortes Plastic Surgery is located. Dr. Fortes sees patients in two beautiful facilities in Memorial Town and Country and Galleria River Oaks District in Houston. He is an owner of ACPS Spa and Rejuvenation Center, also in the two Houston locations, as well as ACPS The SurgiCenter, an AAAASF-certified state of the art four-operating room facility located in Memorial Town and Country. He has lectured domestically and internationally on body contouring and now heads a safety course presented yearly at ASAPS’s The Aesthetic Meeting on body contouring surgery. Dr. Fortes attracts patients from the Greater Houston area as well as all over the United States and the world.

Dr. Paul Fortes has built a very strong reputation over the 22 years he has been in private practice as an aesthetic plastic surgeon. He works hard to tailor the perfect procedure plan for each of his patients in all areas of aesthetic surgery but especially in body contouring surgery.

Dr. Paul Fortes trained in plastic surgery at the exclusive Northwest University Medical Center in Chicago. He trained in general surgery at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, and he earned his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine and his bachelor’s degree from Rice University in Houston. He is board-certified and recertified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Surgery. He continues to stay connected with international leaders in his field and is always working to bring the best of surgery to his practice.

Dr. Paul Fortes offers a variety of different surgical, non-surgical, and minimally invasive procedures, including body contouring, BBL, body lifts, skin tightening, Celfina cellulite correction, Thermi RF technology, breast enhancements, facial rejuvenation, aesthetic nose surgery, laser resurfacing, male aesthetic surgeries, MiraDry, Botox, fillers, female rejuvenation, and more.

Outside of his practice, Dr. Fortes can be found enjoying his time playing classical piano, drawing, doing photography, supporting the arts community in Houston, and volunteering for and supporting organizations that benefit animal welfare. Living in the ethnic melting pot of Houston, Dr. Paul Fortes is a self-identified foodie who likes to spend time with his close circle of friends enjoying Houston’s incredibly diverse restaurant and culture scene.

Haute Beauty sat down with Dr. Paul F. Fortes to talk Breast Augmentation Surgery and its benefits to your health and looks.

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HB: What is a Breast Augmentation?


A Breast Augmentation is an operation that adds volume to the breasts using a saline or silicone gel breast prosthesis. The size and shape that best suits an individual patient depend on the patient’s desired final breast size and on the patient’s breast tissue volume and chest shape. The “projection” of an implant is a measure of the height vs width of an implant.The most popular placement of implants are in a sub-pectoral (below the muscle) plain and through an incision in the breast fold. This placement results in more tissue coverage of the implants and less risk of capsular contracture or “hardening” of the breast implant.

HB: How is the procedure performed?

Typically, the outpatient operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes 1-1.5 hours to perform.lants. 

HB: Who is a good candidate for this procedure?


Any healthy woman who desires fuller breasts is a good candidate for breast augmentation. Also, women with pre-existing shape and volume asymmetries are good candidates of breast augmentation to correct the asymmetries. Finally, women who wish to have a more “round” and youthful breast shape and who are also planning breast lift surgery can have a combination lift-augmentation to improve the final results.

HB: How does this procedure compare to other breast enhancement procedures?


The alternative to breast implants for breast augmentation is augmentation through fat grafting of the breasts. Fat grafting involves harvesting fat through liposuction of a separate area of the body, processing the fat, and injecting the fat into the breasts using grafting cannulas and syringes. The results of fat grafting typically are more natural in appearance than the results of augmentation with implants. Also, there are greater volume limits of augmentation with fat vs. augmentation with implants.

Breast augmentationPhoto Credit: courtesy of shutterstock

HB: What is the recovery process look like?


The recovery from breast augmentation is relatively quick. Patients are instructed to use a sports bra for six weeks and to perform self breast massages during this time. Usually, patients can return to driving and desk work after about 5-7 days. Light cardio workouts can start in 2-3 weeks and full workouts after 6-8 weeks. I tell patients with implants placed sub-pectoral never to resume exercises of the chest because these exercises can result in long-term inferior and lateral displacement of the implants. After six weeks, patients can go get fitted for new bras.

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