Nominees For Best Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedure Of 2019 Are…


cosmetic procedurePhoto Credit: ShutterstockDr. Jason Emer on the anti-aging trends and the best in cosmetic procedure his A-list patients are getting in the months ahead of Hollywood's biggest awards ceremony, THE OSCARS

You've seen it, Lady Gaga dropped HAUS LABORATORIES together with personal makeup artist, Sarah Tanno.

Now, Sarah wants to share her GAGA-APPROVED non-surgical, skin-tightening treatments just in time for awards season. In the video below, Sarah Tanno visits LA's TOP board-certified dermatologist for his exclusive 'Without-a-Trace-Lift,' -- a combo of high-energy, radio frequency lasers,  such as Morpheus 8 and Trusculpt, which tighten the deep muscle and tissue way below the skin's dermis forcing a 'shrink wrapping' effect to the neck and face. Not only do the natural-looking results last, but they get better over time! This best part? NO cutting, NO scars and very little downtime! 


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This is the shoo-in, for sure -- take it from Lady Gaga’s personal make-up artist and bestie, Sarah Tanno who opted for M8 just three days before launching her new collection, HAUS LABS. Delivering show-stopping results, this fractional remodeling and contouring device is unique in that it can treat multiple layers simultaneously. The 24 pins are coated with gold which makes it safe for all skin types with minimal downtime. This treatment can smoothen both the fat and dermal layer to tighten overall appearance, shrink pores, lift laxity, soften lines and folds and even treat acne and scarring with one session. This miracle laser is officially ‘GAGA APPROVED’.


DWTS icon Karina Smirnoff and mega influencer Sommer Ray opted for the FORMA, the luxurious radio-frequency thermal treatment called which works to stimulate the formation of new collagen deep below the dermis to instantly improve the appearance of the face and neck. Karina achieved tighter, brighter skin and a chiseled jawline in just 40 minutes! Because FORMA requires zero prep and zero downtime, we call this the lunch-time facial fix -- its almost too good to be true!

truSculpt ID

This is the newest technology for fat reduction and skin tightening; one of the only energy-based devices that target both concerns simultaneously. The device has 6 small paddles that adhere to the skin on any body part, and can be fully customized to a patient's shape and size. There is a smaller handheld paddle for areas like under the chin, the pouch of fat by the front of the underarm and more. On average, you see about 24% reduction of fat per treatment, over the course of 12 weeks. 

Plasma Pen

This brand new device uses an electrical current to ionize nitrogen & oxygen in the air to create heat. The heat creates a micro-injury in the top layers of your skin and heating in the deeper layers- which is why Dr. Emer is able to improve texture AND get significant tightening, especially in hard to treat areas like the eyelids! 

This heat energy creates small Injuries which will appear to be a tiny scab. These last 5-7 days. When they fall off the skin looks new and slightly pink. This is the phase where our skin is making an abundance of new collagen and the new tighter skin has more elasticity and snap reducing wrinkles and uneven texture.

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