How A 20 Minute Lip-Lift Can Last 20 Times Longer Than Filler

girl with red plump lipsPhoto Credit: Shutterstock
Modern fillers are great at plumping up lips to your desired volume and contour. 10 minutes with minimal to no downtime, what could be better? Well, what if you didn’t have to worry about getting fillers every year and your lip kept its new plump shape?
Lip lift to the rescue! What? You’ve never heard of a lip lift? Lip lifts are designed to naturally lift your lip, exposing your full natural red pout for all to see. The incision is hidden and each procedure is designed on an individualized basis. The beauty behind the lip lift is that it lasts many years and can’t leave you with an overfilled lip. Lip lifts can also diminish lines around the mouth and create a rejuvenated appearance in the skin surrounding the red lip. This short procedure can be performed in the office or surgery center and takes approximately 20 minutes. 20 minutes that last 20 times longer than filler!  
plump lipsPhoto Credit: Shutterstock
Other lip procedures can enhance your lips in other ways as well. Creating balance between the upper and lower lips and reducing lips with significant projection are also options. These are fast procedures once an individualized plan is created. The bottom line is that no matter the lip, there are easy to achieve the golden ratio of projection and comparative volume between upper and lower lips.
So, let’s evaluate if lip lifts or fillers are the best option for you. What are the pros and cons of each choice? Fillers are associated with minimal to no downtime and can cause minimal discomfort. Modern fillers offer multiple options for contouring lips to the shape you want. Lip lifts are long lasting and provide natural shaping. Typically, bruising and swelling persists for less than a week. Either way, lip rejuvenation and shaping is here to stay. Lips are a central component to your identity and it’s important to trust someone who understands and can offer you the best of all the options available.

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