The Most Common Facial Cosmetic Procedures For Men

Cosmetic surgery isn’t always a straightforward procedure but rather can be a cultivation of various fine adjustments similar to the creation of art.  Dr. Jhonny Salomon approaches each operation with a deep artistic point of view. Throughout his career, he has taken pride in performing every procedure with excellence, no matter how simple or complex. Here, Dr. Salomon describes to Haute Beauty the most common cosmetic procedures men seek out for their face.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Haute Beauty: What are the most common areas on the face men get work done?

Dr. Jhonny Salomon: A lot of men tend to begin experiencing signs of aging in their 50’s and 60’s. Loss of volume in the eyes and cheek prompt men to seek fat grafting and injectable treatments intended to improve volume, delivering a more youthful appearance.

HB: At what age do you find men are starting to consider getting work done/opting in for surgeries?

JS: Men tend to begin considering surgical procedures of the face in their early to mid 50’s.

HB: Are there any non-invasive procedures men are getting?

JS: Yes, many men seek Botox and filler treatments as well as radio-frequency treatments for skin tightening and facial resurfacing treatments to improve the overall quality of skin texture.

HB: Do men still hold a misconception in regards to other men getting plastic surgery?

JS: I think plastic surgery has become fairly well accepted among men as they realize it’s a suitable option to look better and look more in line with how they feel. A lot of men get work done to ensure they are competitive in the marketplace.

HB: How do you ensure a natural result through the procedures you offer?

JS: It really is dependent on the artistry of the surgeon. By managing expectations and taking a more artistic approach, the surgeon should focus on adding volume in a proportionate way to look as natural and normal as possible.