The Top Tip For Enhancing Your Face According to Experts

Dr. Kevin Hanz of Plastic Surgery of Texas has over 15 years of experience in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and continues to deliver natural, refined results in both face and neck lifts. He avoids results that create an operated or unnatural appearance. A skilled surgeon with an artistic eye, Dr. Hanz remains on the cutting edge of facial aesthetics and facial rejuvenation. Here, he speaks with Haute Beauty about the number one procedure he recommends to patients that want to enhance their face.

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Haute Beauty: What is jaw contouring?

Dr. Kevin Hanz: Jaw contouring is a broad term that encompasses any number of treatments aimed at enhancing the lower third of the face.  The jawline plays such an important role in both lower facial aesthetics as well as neck issues.  Possible treatments may include Botox, fillers or even surgery.  Liposculpture remains the standard by which all jawline contouring will be measured.  In liposculpture, fatty tissue is removed (typically by suction) to slim the lower third of the face and enhance jawline definition.  In my practice, I most often use a combination of FaceTite and liposculpture to enhance this area.  FaceTite has quickly become one of the most celebrated treatments in America.  FaceTite uses radiofrequency to melt fat, while also tightening skin.  It is, by far, my favorite procedure for jawline contouring.  There are other treatments being done in this broad category.  Botox may be placed into the masseter muscle.  In that instance, Botox helps to slim the lower third of the face.  This enhances the jawline.  Finally, we often use fillers to mask irregularities in the jawline and perhaps provide more definition.  Properly placed filler can enhance a chin or give the appearance of a stronger jawline.  In all honesty, the possibilities are endless and, as a plastic surgeon, a combination of techniques may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

HB: Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

KH: I see patients of all ages searching out improvements in the jawline.  This ranges from the persons in their early twenties who have never liked their jawline to patients in their seventies who continue to seek a youthful appearance.  Obviously, the treatment approach varies in these two different populations.  Younger patients tend to benefit from liposuction alone.  Skin tightening with FaceTite certainly becomes more important with age as skin laxity becomes an issue.  Patients in older ages may benefit more from a combination of techniques such as fillers, Botox and also FaceTite.

HB: What does recovery look like?

KH: Recovery varies based on the jawline technique that is being used.  There is virtually no recovery with Botox and fillers.  Liposculpture and FaceTite actually require very little downtime as well.  Patients may expect some swelling and minor bruising which typically lasts 3-5 days, but they can typically resume normal activities in as little as 3 days.

HB: Do men also benefit from this procedure?

KH: Yes.  Jawline contouring in men is one of the most popular treatments that I perform in our male population.  Once again, the importance of the jawline is paramount in facial aesthetics.

HB: How are results best maintained?

KH: Our face and neck age quickly as a result of significant sun exposure.  Sun avoidance, appropriate skincare and maintenance treatments may make results of jawline contouring long-lasting.  MicroneedlingRF with devices such as Morpheus8 can help with long-term maintenance.  In MicroneedlingRF, a series of needles coupled with energy is used to treat the skin.  This has the effect of improving fine lines and wrinkles, aiding in pore size and also in overall skin tightening.

HB: Do you have any plans for Labor Day?

KH: Uh oh, I still have not finalized Labor Day plans!  The Jazz Festival in Aspen, Colorado is always in the mix:)

HB: What was your favorite trip this summer?

KH: We were fortunate enough to sneak off to Greece and be part of a sailing yacht charter for 4 days.  Sailing the Mediterranean open water in a majestic vessel is a once in a lifetime experience!