The Hottest Procedures This Summer Season According To Dr. Jason Emer

Summer may be winding down but it’s not too late to consider a non-invasive cosmetic procedure to tone your body and get you ready for the last few weeks of bikini-wearing season. Whether you’re looking to get rid of oh-so-stubborn love handles, removing all unwanted skin hyperpigmentation and scarring, and tightening your skin for an effortless glow and anti-aging result. Haute Beauty caught up with board-certified and fellowship-trained general, cosmetic and procedural dermatologist, Dr. Jason Emer who dishes on the hottest procedures and non-invasive treatments beauty aficionados should be opting into this summer season.

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A 15-minute procedure with no downtime unless it is combined with CoolSculpting which causes swelling and bruising. TruSculpt uses radiofrequency energy through targeted subdermal heating to achieve permanent fat and skin tightening and can be customized to treat all areas of the body easily.


Skin tightening high-energy radiofrequency procedure with minimal downtime. Patients also enjoy InMode as it helps prevent sagging of skin and is excellent for contouring. 

Halo Lasers

A popular treatment for those looking to improve acne scars. The Halo Laser is the only hybrid-laser in the market that combines a non-ablative laser with ablative erbium. Within 3-7 post-treatment days, there is a 20-30% improvement in overall skin quality and glow.

BBL SkyTyte

By suction — This procedure uses a specialized light to improve sun damage, pigmentation, burns, scars and overall anti-aging by tightening and lifting the skin. Excellent for patients looking for deep contouring of the face and neck as well as lifting and shaping.

The Salt Facial with HydroJelly Mask

Customized skin treatment using medical-grade sea salt and serums. For an amazing instant glow, patients also include a HydroJelly mask which is applied to the skin for 10 mins with LED light to soothe the skin. Other popular add-ons include Aquagold, a micro-ampule infusion of production like minerals, vitamins, stem cells, botox, and hyaluronic acid gel. This helps decrease pores, redness and oiliness of the skin, and can be used with any facial or aloe.


In addition, thanks to Aerolase’s microsecond technology, we are able to use deep heating lasers without burning epidermis of the skin. Aerolase is great for all skin types and treats acne, hair veins and redness. It can be combined with other lasers to help boost the improvement from other treatments.