The Experts Weigh In On Cystic Acne, Rosacea, Skin Dullness And More

We all know there are certain skin conditions that are oh so stubborn to fix or improve, and sometimes they're truly out of our control. It’s time to take a closer look at the elements in your life that may be taking a toll on your skin. Are you moisturizing your face enough? Maybe you're overdoing it with the facial scrubs. There are hundreds of reasons why your skin may be photoshoot ready one day but dry or suffering from breakouts the next. Haute Beauty caught up with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Shah to discuss the six most common skin problems including cystic acne, rosacea, dullness and more, and how she recommends you combat each.

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Problem: My skin has been very dry lately?

Solution: Make sure to shower with luke-warm water and pat your face dry while still leaving a bit of moisture from the water on your face. [I recommend] to also use a moisturizer that’s unscented. I like Dove for sensitive skin. It's also important to note the longer your body is in water, the more it strips your natural oils.

Problem: My face isn’t as full as it used to be?

Solution: There are fillers that volumize the face and threads that lift areas that have descended. There is also micro-needling, which helps thicken the collagen through micro-injury. You can also do fat-transfers. All of these treatments and procedures will allow you to gain back the fullness to your face.

Problem: I’m noticing a lot more moles on my face than before?

Solution: If they are true moles, you should see your dermatologist. You can be seeing sunspots that are benign. If you’re getting multiple at once, they’re usually sunspots or benign growths that are due to genetics.

Problem: I’m experiencing rosacea for the first time?

Solution: Anything that increases the body’s heat like hot coffee or hot tea, are going to flare rosacea. Everyone had different triggers. I usually ask my patients to write down everything they did activity-wise to help identify the trigger and treat accordingly.

Problem: I’m dealing with cystic acne?

Solution: There are different reasons for cystic acne between men and women. I don’t really think there’s anything over-the-counter I’d recommend. With cystic acne, you usually need to go the oral route with a topical medicine recommended by your doctor.

Problem: My skin is a bit duller than it used to be?

Solution: If it’s dull due to dryness, I would up your moisturization regiment. If it’s dull due to the weather, you can increase how often you’re exfoliating or go for a chemical peel. Anytime someone shares with me that their skin is feeling dull, I recommend a chemical peel to shed the top layers of the epidermis.