The Spa At Mandarin Oriental, Boston And Biologique Recherche Introduce Custom Haute Couture Program

Biologique Recherche

If you thought the term haute couture applied just to fashion, the folks at Biologique Recherche want you to think again.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Boston and Biologique Recherche have just launched a three-month Haute Couture program and O2 Restorative Facial designed for the ultimate indulgence.

The Haute Couture Program (available for $9,000) is the most exclusive treatment Biologique Recherche offers, providing the ultimate hyper-customized regimen created to improve the complexion over a three-month period.

Biologique Recherche

We caught up recently with Biologique Recherche co-owner and head of creation Dr. Philippe Allouche to discuss the new program and how to keep skin looking great at home once the program is complete.

Tell us a little about the new haute couture program being offered at the Mandarin Oriental.

It is a highly personalized treatment designed to give the best results. Skin is always changing from morning to night. We take a physical examination of the skin and offer a treatment based on the results. We are not only designing a product but also offering a skincare routine. Every month, clients go in for a consultation and skin assessment. Both the Spa team and Biologique Recherche medical team in France then analyze the results and offer real-time skin care recommendations. Clients then receive two boxes of creams and serums each month made at the Biologique Recherche Laboratory in France.

What type of client is the program geared toward?

Anyone looking for a very advanced treatment protocol. Whether you are having skin issues or if you are planning to travel to a different climate, we will customize the three-month program. There's a lot of flexibility in the program. It's like having a skin concierge. It's pretty on-demand.

Biologique Recherche

How are your clients able to keep their skin looking great at home once the program is over?

We guide them to products we ofer in the line so they can continue their skincare regimen once the program has finished.

Tell us about the detoxifying Oxygen Restorative Facial that is also launching at the Spa.

It was designed to get rid of the pollution we all encounter that goes into the bloodstream and causes damage to the organs like the kidneys and, of course, skin. Nothing can permeate the epidermis, but if you try to strengthen the epidermis, you can boost the function of the dermis. We try to get rid of the pollution and rebuild the dermis. This facial was designed to treat existing conditions and have a preventative approach so that less pollutants can penetrate the skin. As a result, the skin becomes extremely clear, brightened and revitalized.

Biologique Recherche