Elements: The New Wellness Drink For The Fitness and Health Enthusiast

In quest of a healthier lifestyle, fitness enthusiasts are constantly looking for ways to improve overall diets and fitness regimes. With an over-saturated market including diet pills, skinny teas and vitamin gummies, people are constantly navigating the waters between social media fads and long-lasting products that will give them the results they are actively seeking. That's where Elements comes in. The functional wellness drinks, created by the visionary mastermind Steven Izen - Founder and CEO of Lokai - set out to create a product that was meant for real life and informed by science.

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The functional wellness drinks will include four concentrates, developed with a licensed Ethnobotanist and food innovation agency, all perfectly crafted tonics containing clinically-effective levels of adaptogens, ideal for those who are feeling off balance. The four concentrates will focus on vitality, focus, calm and rest -- helping consumers find energy, clarity, ease and relaxation. These remarkable tonic droppers will allow those in quest for a healthier lifestyle to help find balance through their everyday life and fitness journey. Haute Beauty caught up with Steven Izen who dishes on the inspiration behind the wellness beverage line, the importance of wellness and more.

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HB: What was the inspiration behind creating this wellness beverage line? 

SI: We created Elements to help people find balance in everyday life.

My first brand, Lokai, started with a simple idea – create a daily reminder to help people find balance through the highs and lows in life.  Over the past 6 years, we have helped millions of people find balance through their Lokai bracelets which contain water from Mt Everest and mud from the Dead Sea to remind the wearer to stay humble when they’re on top of the world and hopeful when they’ve hit a low.  

But balance is a journey, and sometimes you need a little help to find your center. That’s when I set out to develop a second product that continued to deliver balance through functional wellness drinks.  Ensuring the tonics were formulated with science in mind, I enlisted one of the foremost food innovation agencies, licensed Ethnobotanist, and scientist to source ingredients and master blends that deliver on function – Vitality, Focus, Calm and Rest.  After two years of development, Elements was born -  four tonic concentrates that use adaptogens to give your body what it needs when it feels off balance. 

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HB: What does each dropper (tonic) - Vitality, Rest, etc., aim to help with and when should people utilize each product?

SI: We identified the four states that make us feel most off balance throughout the day—fatigue, distraction, occasional stress, restlessness—and formulated four tonics powered by adaptogens to help our bodies respond and adapt.   Each formula is designed to be taken whenever and wherever you need.  

What differentiates us is that every dose has clinically-effective levels of adaptogens that give you benefits you’ll feel now and wellness you’ll feel over time.  

HB: How important is the message of wellness for you? 

SI: The word “wellness” gets thrown around a lot these days but it plays a big part in the vision of our brand. I think this category can be somewhat overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for.  We made Elements for the person who is conscious about living healthy but isn’t ruled by it. In today’s hectic world, sometimes our bodies could use a little help.

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HB: How do you hope Elements helps with people’s personal wellness journeys? 

SI: It all comes back to balance – we want to help people get back to center, whether that be as simple as replacing that second cup of coffee with Vitality, adding Focus to someone’s routine who is buried in spreadsheets, or enjoying the Calm drink after a long day of burning the candle at both ends.   In the end, you can feel good knowing you are giving your body what it needs.  

HB: What benefits can consumers help to gain from Elements? 

SI: Adaptogens are ancient plants that have learned to adapt in these stressful environments and can help teach your body to do the same.   Truly, super plants. 

HB: What’s next for Elements? 

SI: One day at a time…. we want people to experience Elements.  Once you try it, you get it.