Everything You Need To Know About How Plastic Surgeons Keep In Shape

The country's top plastic surgeons are behind some of the most iconic and breathtaking bodies in the world but exactly how do they ensure they keep up with their overall physical appearance and aesthetics? We caught up with Dr. Jason Emer, a renowned plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles, who dishes on his day-to-day gym routine, go-to high-intensity workout and more.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Jason Emer
Photo courtesy of Dr. Jason Emer

Your go-to high-intensity workout:

Circuit training is my favorite! I do power sets and drop sets with a mix of heavy and light weight exercises for an effective, full body workout at least three times per week. Each exercise immediately leads to another which keeps the heart rate high. Each circuit of 3-5 exercises consists of core or weighted ab training which helps to my six-pack tight and my stomach lean.

What does your day-to-day gym session look like/include?

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week – I do 60 mins of cardio, typically sprints or incline walking to engage my core, increase my heart rate and activate my lower legs. Leg exercises have been shown to increase resting metabolic rate (keeping you leaner) and increase body testosterone which makes your muscles more dense. Then, I switch to circuit workout consisting of at least 3 sets of 3-5 quick phase exercises, some higher reps, some core exercises and abs, and some heavy, full body exercises like deadlifts, squats, bench presses.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Jason Emer
Photo courtesy of Dr. Jason Emer

Your favorite athletic wear line:

Lately, it has been Alo and ATM. 

Your number one tip to those looking to get into fitness:

Get a personal trainer!  Even the most knowledgeable and successful athletes, fitness models, bodybuilders have trainers. As a matter of fact, even top-level trainers have trainers! They will push you more than your own unconscious mind will allow you to, and it’s all about pushing your limit and keeping your body guessing with new exercises and combos - but best of all, trainers motivate you!

Favorite post-workout meal:

I always make a protein shake immediately after exercising which includes quick acting whey protein, branch chain amino acids, and glutamine. Try to avoid high carb additions like peanut butter if you are trying to get lean and maintain your results!

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