Dr. Jason Emer Shares Step-by-Step Skin Care Routine Guide

Dr. Jason Emer
Dr. Jason Emer

Time after time, I see the best results in patients who adhere to an AM and PM skincare regimen. In the morning, grab a gentle cleanser such as Restorsea Pro Foaming Cleanser to brighten the skin with active enzymes. Start by applying a Vitamin C serum such as SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF or iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance+

to help brighten the skin and protect the skin from free radical damage from UV rays. For those with visible sun damage or hyperpigmentation, use a Kojic Acid serum such as SkinCeuticals Phyto + in addition to vitamin C; these are tyrosinase inhibiting ingredients that encourage melanocytes to produce less melanin. For daily exfoliation, hydration, and brightening apply a good glycolic acid cream - I recommend Jan Marini BioClear Face Cream.

At night, it’s important to wash the skin-dulling effects of the day with a mild exfoliating cleanser; my patients love Jan Marini Bioglycolic Face Cleanser.

The next step is key to keeping skin firm and bright - products with growth factors and stem cells work at the cellular level to help regenerate the DNA of your epidermis - I recommend AnteAGE MD GF Serum and EMK Beverly Hills Rescue Serum.

The AnteAGE MD GF Serum contains a medical-grade concentration of cytokines derived from human bone marrow stem cells in a laboratory; using these biochemicals topically will aid in skin repair. EMK Rescue Serum uses stem cells derived from Agave Cactus Placenta plus skin-conditioning antioxidants to aid skin regeneration and healing.

Follow this with retinol (remember a little goes a long way) - I recommend ReveSkin Retinol Essential or SENTÉ Intensive Bio Complete Cream. Retinol is an over-the-counter form of a retinoid that converts into retinoic acid, which is a more gentle metabolite of vitamin A than prescriptive products such as tretinoin. Retinol works to increase the speed of cell renewal in the epidermis, which causes the skin to produce newer and healthier cells. With continued use over time, this reverses signs of aging and improves skin texture. If skin needs additional lightening, use medical-grade hydroquinone such as Reveskin Fortified Bleaching Rx to further reduce the production of melanin. Finally, using your pinky finger, apply a nourishing eye-cream like SENTÉ Illumine Eye Cream. This cream works to maintain collagen and elastin by increasing skin hydration throughout the epidermis. In turn, this helps to diminish discoloration, the appearance of fine lines/crepiness and puffiness.

For lips, I recommend using the Restorsea Pro Lip Magic. This is a 2-in-1 lip moisturizer and exfoliator. It contains enzymes from hydrolyzed salmon roe to gently

digest dead, flakey skin without harming the delicate live skin underneath. It also contains shea butter to moisturize and protect the thin skin on the lips.

If you don’t own a micro-roller, you’re missing out on one of the best at-home skin-care treatments around! I trust MTS MR5 Roller in the 0.5mm size for all over the face and anywhere on the body and the Genosys Eye Roller in the 0.25mm size for around the eyes and around/on the lips. Use a microneedling topical such as the AnteAGE MD Microneedling Solution before dermarolling; this product was developed to be microneedled into the skin contains a very high concentration of cytokines to aid in tissue regeneration and repair. Dermarolling with 0.5mm sized needles helps serums and topicals absorb more efficiently into the epidermis; additionally, this size is long enough to reach the epidermis and trigger collagen production when used consistently (I recommend one night a week). Building collagen within the epidermis can help to reduce signs of aging (such as fine lines, and wrinkles), smooth the appearance of scars, and even out surface texture.

Use a LightStim for Pain daily in order to increase circulation and reduce inflammation three times a week for 10 minutes at night. This will help to improve skin healing at the cellular level, which in turn has anti-aging benefits.

Written by Dr. Jason Emer 

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