Spring into Skincare This Season

Spring is finally here, Haute Beauty wants to help put a spring back into your skin. Elevate your lavish skincare routine by inducing one, two or all of the following Haute picks.



La Cure L’Or deVie Vintage 2017 Set

This limited set houses three beautifully gilded bottles containing Dior’s greatest concentration of anti-aging ingredients. The grapes used in this extraordinary formula come from the Château d'Yquem harvest of the year 2017. In a turn of unexpected events, Château d'Yquem's had an extremely swift, sudden rise in concentration amongst their harvest. To avoid complete destruction they had to precipitately harvest their crops over an 11-day period to prevent over-concentrated grapes. The extreme concentration led the affected grapes to appear amber in color, grapes have been known for their anti-aging properties and the intensity of these grapes allow exceptional results in a brief 3 month period. Thus Dior’s La Cure L’Or de Vie Vintage 2017 was cultivated. Along with additional pristine Dior ingredients, users will find their wrinkles and fine lines to diminish while youthful skin will emerge. After the treatment period skin will be left feeling completely revitalized, smooth and supple. The curved sized of the quartz drop helps in Lymphatic drainage of the forehead, cheek and eye area. Haute Living dubbed Dior’s La Cure L’Or deVie Vintage fit for Royalty.


La Prairie’s Platinum Rare Cell Night Elixir

Elixirs are one of the newer products out on the market. They have been quickly adopted due to their extraordinary effect on the skin; La Prairie's platinum rare cell night elixir enhances the effects of skin care products, precious ingredients generate powerful rejuvenation. The rare cell night Elixir is the most luxurious on the market combining a blend of rare active ingredients. Its texture envelops you, leaving skin feeling toned, protected, and supple. With one drop, the skin's texture and firmness are improved and the appearance of lines and wrinkles are reduced. Applied at night after cleansing, the elixir’s regeneration process helps detoxify skin and boost its own immunity. This luxury elixir works with any regimen to create beautiful skin, at $1,245 for 20 ml it does all the work while we sleep.


Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Black Day Cream

Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Black Day Cream contains rare Black Orchid harvested in Peru. The rare orchid increases its longevity by adapting to its environment, Guerlain Scientist found a way to replicate that process into the Orchidee Imperiale cream. The Blackimmune technology helps to minimize the appearance of visible signs of aging and maintains a barrier on the skin. With every use, skin becomes stronger and fights off everyday aggressors and environmental pollutants. The immunomassage tool included was designed by Guerlain Beauty experts. The immunomassage tool closely follows the curves of the face ensuring lavish pampering on a daily. Guerlain’s $1,340.00 Orchidee Imperiale Black Day Cream trains your skin to fight back against everyday aggressors in a graceful manner.


La Mer The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator

La Mer’s replenishing oil exfoliator has broken the traditional mold. This revitalizing facial scrub refines, detoxifies and replenishes. Sugar crystals and sea salt gently smooth away dullness and fine dry lines. La Mer has incorporated Sea kelp fibers to cleanse impurities from pores. The signature Miracle Broth™ oils replenish, soften and smooth skin. Simply use it on dry skin for a more exhilarating effect, or on wet skin for a milder result.




Sisley Paris All Day All Year Essential Day Care

Sisley Paris reinvented SPF with the infamous $410 All Day All Year Essential Day Care serum. The serum merges with the previously applied skincare for a weightless seamless finish. Formulated with an anti-UVA/UVB to limit oxidative stress, this serum with its powerful blend of plant extracts and anti-free radical properties protects your skin all day long for skin that's more radiant, toned and denser Protecting skin against the environment and every-day pollution is a full-time job for this new hybrid of SPF.


Givenchy LE SOIN NOIR Cleanser

Cleansing is the first step to a glowing spring skin is cleansing off the dreariness of winter, why not do it in style with Givenchy’s LE SOIN NOIR Cleanser and Konjac sponge. This ultra-rich cleanser rids the skin of the day's pollutants and uses the Konjac vegetable sponge to exfoliate and reveal supple and radiant skin. Using rare black pearl powder makes this Givenchy cleanser an extraordinary start to every skincare routine.