Celebrity Esthetician Karee Hays Reveals The Secrets Behind Faith Hill and Kristin Cavallari’s Glowing Skin

Want to get glowing skin just like Faith Hill, Lily Aldridge and Kristin Cavallari? Book an appointment with Nashville's celebrity esthetician Karee Hays.

From luxurious facials to laser services, Hayes' ensures her clients’ skin stays in tip-top shape. We caught up recently with her to discuss the essential beauty products every woman should have and her secrets for glowing skin.

Karee Hays

What are the most essential beauty products every woman should have?
Every woman should have a Vitamin C serum, a Retinol, and a good SPF. For SPF, I recommend my clients use Revision Skincare Intellishade because it does a lot of heavy lifting as a 5-in-1 age-defying moisturizer with the added benefit of SPF.

Do you have any secrets for glowing skin?
I strongly recommend adding dermaplaning to your at-home weekly skincare routine. Personally, this is one of my go-to skin health secrets. The process allows the skin to replenish itself as you exfoliate, which increases of the efficacy of the actives in your products so they can penetrate deeper into the skin. A disposable razor from a local drugstore with your favorite creamy cleanser will do the trick (my go-to is Revision Skincare Gentle Cleansing Lotion). Just make sure you use a new, clean razor each time.

Karee Hays

Tell us about your own series of luxurious facials and services.
The intent with our services is rapid results using key ingredients that have the ability to communicate with the cells. No pineapple and pumpkin masque here. We typically put new patients in KH skin boot camp. We don't really do a lot of fluff in our clinic. I always tell my clients to get those type of treatments on holiday at a spa for relaxation and pampering.

The luxuries we offer typically are more wellness and healing focused. Lymphatic facial massages, cranial massages and IV drips during treatments packed with antioxidants, Bs, Cs, and many other essential minerals. It's truly the Bentley of all treatments. When you leave, the whites of your eyes are whiter and you feel more energized and the skin is supple and radiant. To me, that is the ultimate luxury service.

We initially concentrate on getting our client's at-home regimens on point as what you do at home makes the biggest difference in the skin. Finding the perfect Retinoid and antioxidants they can tolerate coupled with ingredients that gently turn over those dead skin cells. Many people struggle in finding retinol that works for their skin. Custom compounding is a key part of our services. Once we begin to see that glow as the new skin cells begin to turn over and reflect light, we then can focus on intense collagen production and continue working on the overall health of the skin. We use many different types of lasers to stimulate collagen, tighten skin, even out texture and pigment.

What is one problem you have seen consistently with some of your clients?
The common denominator amongst many of our clients is a desire for glowing skin, and even the willingness to buy the best products on the market to get there, but they have not been educated on how to use those products in a way that can truly change the skin. Oftentimes, they are given too strong of retinoids and products that cause irritation. Then they get frustrated and quit the things that can make the biggest difference.

Karee Hays