When Should You Book Your Surgery To Be Ready For The Summer?


While the summer months are quickly approaching, preparation to be “summer ready” is in full effect. Planning for cosmetic procedures months prior is highly recommended to be able to flaunt new looks.  While some procedures may take a few months to see full results, there are a few procedures, including breast augmentations, that have minimal downtime suitable for summer prepping. Plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Galanis sat down with Haute Beauty to discuss when patients should schedule their breast procedures to ensure they’ll be ready for the summer.

What advice would you recommend to patients preparing for breast augmentations during the summer months?

Remember that in most cases it will take breast implants around 3 months to settle. Initially they may rest higher in the chest which may be more noticeable in smaller bikini tops. Incisions should be protected from direct sun exposure for at least 6-12 months. Also, be aware that each surgeon will have his or her preferences regarding resuming activity and getting underwater with your incisions.

How soon should patients book their surgery to be ready for the summer season?

Although ideally patients would have their surgery 2-3 months before the heart of summer, the recovery from breast surgery can be so quick and easy that I will still see and treat patients well into the summer with this procedure.

What non-invasive treatments would you recommend to patients regarding breast enhancements?

Unfortunately, we have yet to find any reliable way of enhancing breast size with non-invasive treatments. Surgical breast augmentation using implants remains the gold standard. For a small subset of patients, enhancement using the patient’s own fat may be an option as well.

What scarring issues can patients expect with any breast surgery?

For the vast majority of patients, breast augmentation scars are small (< 1.5 inches) and heal to the point of near imperceptibility. The scar initially may appear red and, in some cases, slightly thickened for the first few weeks. Over the ensuing months, it will gradually remodel into a faint white line. Although most surgeons use an incision under the breast or around the border of the areola, an armpit incision may be a good option for patients with history of poor wound healing.

Which breast procedure requires the longest recovery time?

With modern techniques, breast augmentation alone can have rapid recovery times with only a few days of downtime.  Longer times can be expected when the procedure is combined with a breast lift or other adjunct procedures like tummy tuck surgery. In these cases, recovery can be extended to 1-2 weeks of downtime.