The Top 5 Miami Dance Studios Guaranteed To Whip You Into Shape


Vixen Workout Army

Imagine a workout that makes you feel like Beyoncé, lets you strut like Adriana and gets you toned like Madonna. Dancing is a full body workout which allows nearly every part of your body to reap its benefits. Between picking up fast steps with a keen memory, executing moves with full force or pumping up your cardio with the non-stop movements, dance is a workout which provides a natural challenge in your mind, body and soul. Whether you are dancing to attain fitness goals or dancing to excel at the professional level, these Top 5 Miami Dance Studios will whip you right into shape one beat at a time.

Vixen Workout

Former Miami Heat Dancer, Janet Jones, has a full-throttle army complete with sexy, sassy, and strong vixens. Playing the latest hip-hop music, Janet, and her swarm of instructors, deliver easy to learn dance moves allowing every woman to tap into their inner diva. Vixen Workout is specifically developed to encourage women to enjoy working out in an unconventional way as opposed to dated workout techniques. With locations throughout the country and several in Miami, this workout class is heating up the workout scene one body roll at a time.

Show Stoppers Dance Studio

Susie Garcia and “dance” are synonymous. Garcia has an impressive list of accolades under her belt. Whether she is stealing the spotlight on tour with Chris Brown, hyping up Miami Heat fans on the court as a former Miami Heat Dancer, or stealing our votes on So You Think You Can Dance, Garcia is a (dance) force to be reckoned with. Show Stopper Dance Studio, is an elite dance space which trains and guides dancers of all levels to become the best in the industry. With the motto “Awake the artist in you,” Susie, and her talented staff, work endlessly to discover the innate talent within all of us. Aside from being an experienced choreographer, and overall boss, Susie is also a motivational speaker and delivers heartfelt messages of truth to all dancers who enter her judgment-free space. One class at Show Stoppers will build confidence, strength, and a deep desire for dancing.

Millennium Dance Studio

The iconic red backdrop speaks for itself. Millennium Dance Studio has been frequented by artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and Usher to train with the top professionals in the industry. This worldwide dance studio provides a space for beginners and experts to learn from renowned choreographers while gaining an excess amount of knowledge and connections within the dance world. With studios in Miami, LA, Brazil, and more, this dance studio offers a multitude of dance classes of all levels guaranteed to make you sweat.


Sean’s Dance Factory

The viral video, which has garnered millions of views, of two police officers dancing with a group of flash mob dancers at Aventura Mall is enough reason to try a dance class at Sean’s Dance Factory. This dance studio is widely known for producing industry professionals such as Chris Grant, choreographer for Beyoncé, and other notable professionals. The studio's wide range of classes appeals to dancers of all ages and levels. Sean Green, the internationally known choreographer, has choreographed routines for the Miami Heat Dancers, judge the Miami Dolphins Dancers tryouts, and has continued to pioneer the dance world one dance class at a time.


Pure Barre

Ballet is the foundation of dance. Which is why this particular dance workout is easy for all levels of dance experience. Through core strengthening, leg lengthening, and arm toning workouts, each barre class incorporates different aspects of Pilates, ballet conditioning, and resistance training. Pure Barre provides its members with empowering teachers encouraging you to challenge yourself through a full body workout. With multiple South Florida locations, Pure Barre is the ideal studio to practice technique while engaging in a dance-inspired fitness.