Celebrity Stylist Marco Norma On The Top Hair Products You Should Have In Your Shower

Who needs a good hair day when you can have great hair year round?  Everyone knows the less heat you put in your hair the better but that's not the only aspect of your everyday hair routine you may be doing that is damaging your precious strands. Celebrity stylist and the owner of renowned Rossano Ferretti situated inside the jaw-dropping Faena Hotel in Miami, Marco Norma dishes on the 5 hair products every beauty aficionado should own and use in their weekly hair wash routine. From a shampoo that is all about scalp health to leave-in conditioners to tame the frizz, these 5 products are sure to become your new must-have hair care products.

Vita Shampoo


This ultra-hydrating, soothing and nutrient-rich shampoo is made with neem leaf and neem flower to gently cleanse and restore your hair. Enriched with organic aloe, this shampoo works to moisturize and strengthen your hair while restoring the hair's vitality and elasticity.

Splendido Conditioner 


This Rossano Ferretti approved conditioner protects color-treated hair designed to seal cuticles and replenish color. Norma also recommends the Grandioso Conditioner.

Prodigio Treatment


For this treatment, Norma recommends using the Prodigio regenerating treatment twice per month before shampooing.

Velluto Serum


This anti-frizz serum helps your hair look exceptionally smooth, silky and healthy while controlling static.

Brillante Oil


Enriched with natural ingredients like grape seed oil, sunflower seed and rosemary leaf with UV filter, this rich-concentration of natural oils helps hydrate and protect your hair from sun damage and exposure.