The Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

It may seem like celebrities bounce back to their pre-baby bodies within weeks after giving birth, but this is rarely the case for a vast majority of women. “In addition to weight gain and loosening of the abdominal muscles, the breasts can experience significant changes due to pregnancy and breastfeeding,” explains San Francisco Bay area plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Poulos of Plastic Surgery Specialists. When diet and exercise prove to be ineffective for women who want to shed the last bit of baby weight or tighten their tummies, and they are unhappy with breasts that appear saggy or deflated, a mommy makeover may be in order.

“The mommy makeover is an extremely popular procedure because it targets all of the post-baby problem spots at once,” says Dr. Poulos. Combining breast enhancement, a tummy tuck and liposuction (if necessary) along with additional non-surgical treatments that can help achieve the optimal outcomes, “Mommy makeover patients are overwhelming happy with the results because their bodies often look better after having babies than they did before,” Dr. Poulos adds.

The dramatic and rather rapid increase (and subsequent decrease) in breast size caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to a loss of breast fullness and sagging. Dr. Poulos says, “The breast component of mommy makeover surgery can include breast augmentation with implants to replenish lost volume, a breast lift to restore a perkier position, or both.”

As most moms know, pregnancy also stretches the skin and muscles of the abdomen—often to the point that they are unable to return to their original appearance after giving birth, even with intense exercise. “Mommy makeover abdominoplasty options include the “mini” tummy tuck for women who only need minor improvement, as well as more extensive procedures that allow for muscle tightening and the removal of excess skin on the sides of the abdomen and flanks,” explains Dr. Poulos.

Liposuction is often included as part of a mommy makeover to remove stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, and enhance the overall outcomes. According to Dr. Poulos, “Liposuction can help refine the contours of the abdomen, lower back, buttocks, hips and thighs and complement the results of the breast and tummy tuck procedures.”

Every mommy makeover procedure is different, and some patients need more help in certain areas that others. Loose skin can be a concern for women (especially those who gained and lost a significant amount of weight), and that’s where additional non-surgical treatments such as energy-based skin-tightening come in. Dr. Poulos explains, “I usually advise patients to wait six months to see their final surgical results, and if they desire or require additional refinement I’ll recommend a series of Accent Prime treatments.” Featuring an effective combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency energies, this quick, painless treatment can help eliminate any lingering fat while tightening the overlying skin—and help achieve the best possible mommy makeover outcomes.

It’s important to remember that timing is very important when it comes to planning a mommy makeover, and most plastic surgeons recommend waiting one year after giving birth before considering surgery. “Patients should also be sure they are done having children before getting a mommy makeover, and maintaining a stable weight and overall healthy lifestyle are key for long-lasting results,” Dr. Poulos says. Mommy makeover also requires a significant recovery period and restricted activity, including picking up and carrying children, so extra help is essential so the body has a chance to heal properly.