Dr. Navin Arora Shares His Most Memorable Patient Reaction

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Providing individualized and compassionate care is Dr. Navin Arora's primary focus as a skin expert. Spending as much time needed to familiarize himself with his patients to align his skills with their expectations are essential in establishing a comprehensive treatment plan. Through state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Arora provides his patients the ability to enhance their appearance with lasers, injectables and other cosmetic treatments. Dr. Arora sat down with Haute Beauty to discuss his highly requested procedures and most memorable patient reaction.


My greatest achievement.

My greatest professional achievement was being a US Army doctor and serving our country on Active Duty for twelve years.  I had the privilege of training at the world renowned Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC.  The complexity of cases and the ability to care for our wounded warriors was an honor second to none.

 The future of my field is..

The utilization of lasers, radiofrequency and light devices supplemented and stem cell therapies in promoting rejuvenation secondary to utilizing our body’s own innate healing and regenerative abilities.  These are not skills that are gained in a weekend conference. Therefore, it is of vital importance to be treated by a board certified physician.


The biggest misconception about my field is..

We are pimple poppers and botox freaks.  Granted, pimple popping makes for great television and IG boomerangs.  In addition, botox is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the US.  However, a board certified Dermatologist has undergone extensive, comprehensive training four years, after four years of medical school. The depth and breadth of knowledge gained goes well beyond an understanding of the skin, as it intertwines with every other organ system.


My most requested procedures are..

Pimple popping and botox.  No seriously, requested procedures versus performed procedures frequently differ.  I open my cosmetic consults with a discussion of what areas are of concern.  Then we move forward with treatment options, along with risks, benefits and alternatives to each procedure.  Then we can come to a mutual agreement of what procedures are best at solving the cosmetic concerns.  This typically differs from the initial request.


What surgical advancements are you most excited about?

There are several new neurotoxins on the horizon along with novel non-invasive skin rejuvenation and fat reduction.


What are you best known for?

My approach to scar enhancement and hair regrowth.  Using combination therapies, we can now achieve results that were unthinkable not to long ago.


What is your most memorable patient reaction?

I had a young woman, who had numerous facial scars from a car accident.  After several treatments with laser resurfacing and fillers, she had a dramatic improved of the scars. After we were finished with our last session, she started crying, say that she never thought her old self would ever be visible again.   That was an amazing experience, to help this regain the confidence she once had.


What sets my practice apart is…

Kindness, patience, appreciation. Competence, excellence, and experience.


What I love most about my profession is…

The ability to care for those of all ages, genders, and races.  It is a wonderful to have diverse population, with wide ranging concerns and usually numerous treatment options.
Career defining procedures?

Scar enhancement and hair regrowth.


What new services are you excited to offer?

I find Platelet Rich Plasma to be a wonderful adjunctive treatment to standard rejuvenating procedures.  I routine combine it with laser resurfacing, microneedling, and fillers.