The Skin-Tightening Treatments To Know About Right Now

Body sculpting treatments and procedures include a wide array of non-invasive and surgical options that are designed to eliminate loose and sagging skin. From downtime-free, energy-based skin-tightening treatments to surgery that removes excess skin, plastic surgeon Dr. Sachin Shridharani of New York City’s LUXURGERY explains the various options that can help restore taut, smooth skin from head to toe.

Non-Invasive Skin Tightening
There are a variety of skin-tightening treatments that help improve the appearance of slack skin by using different energies (such as radiofrequency, ultrasound, light and more) to heat the lower layers of the skin and promote collagen production. Suitable for the abdomen, breasts, thighs, buttocks and beyond, these treatments deliver visible skin-firming results within six to eight weeks after treatment.

SkinTyte by Sciton: Safe for all skin types and tones, this downtime-free skin-tightening treatment uses infrared light to send heat deep into the skin to promote the contraction of collagen. Six treatments are generally recommended for optimal results.

Ultherapy: Designed to firm and tone sagging skin on the face and neck (including around the eyes), Ultherapy uses high-intensity ultrasound energy to help remodel existing collagen and prompt the body to naturally produce more after just one or two treatments.

Thermage: This non-invasive radiofrequency treatment helps stimulate production of collagen to restore the skin’s tone and elasticity. The most common treatment areas include the face, around the eyes, backs of the hands, neck and chest.

Minimally-Invasive Skin Tightening
Minimally-invasive skin-tightening treatments are a bit more aggressive, and they often deliver more significant results. Though not considered surgical procedures, these options require small incisions that are nearly undetectable once healed—and some address excess fat as well.

ThermiRF: A non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that uses a tiny probe to deliver radiofrequency energy to specific spots beneath the surface of the skin, ThermiRF helps improve skin laxity and smooth skin texture in one treatment.

FaceTite: FaceTite combines liposuction with radiofrequency that simultaneously helps melt unwanted fat for easier removal and tighten the overlying skin. Ideal for sculpting and defining the jaw line and neck, only one treatment is needed to achieve desired results.

BodyTite: A form of energy-assisted liposuction, BodyTite adds radiofrequency to help firm and tighten the skin as it removes unwanted fat with less post-surgical swelling and discomfort.

Invasive Skin Tightening
Also known as body lifts, these surgical body-contouring procedures provide the most dramatic improvement in sagging, excess skin. Ideal after massive weight loss, pregnancy and childbirth as well as loss of skin elasticity due to the natural aging process, these invasive skin-tightening procedures require substantial incisions, however they are placed strategically to minimize visibility after healing is complete.

Tummy tuck: With various techniques to address mild to severe excess skin and muscle laxity, a tummy tuck restores a flat, toned stomach, especially after multiple pregnancies and massive weight loss. This is still the gold standard to address excess skin and fat and loss of contour in the mid-section.

Arm lift: Excess sagging skin can be removed to tighten and reshape the upper arms. Although the incision results in a visible scar, this procedure significantly improves laxity caused by massive weight loss and aging.

Lower-body lift: Usually performed after massive weight loss, these procedures remove excess skin and fat to improve the appearance of the thighs, buttocks and/or the entire body below the waist. Despite the resulting scars, lower-body lifts greatly enhance personal comfort as well as self-esteem.

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Non-surgical skin tightening is one of the holy grails of aesthetic surgery. Our Sciton laser @ LUXURGERY does many things for your skin. From improving the appearance of acne scars to removing sun spots/brown spots to fully overhauling the appearance of lines and creases, well performed laser treatment make a big impact. Here’s a clip of our incredibe Nurse at LUXURGERY performing “Skin Tyte” on this lovely patient's slightly ax abdominal skin. There is NO downtime and NO anaesthetic needed. This laser uses gentle pulses to contract and coagulate the collagen, which initiates our body’s natural healing response. Ultimately, this leads to our skin appearing firmer. “It was so easy, there was no numbing and it went by so fast!” said the patient. #LUXURGERY #drshridharani #plasticsurgery #cosmetics #lasertreatment #skinrejuvenation

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