Dr. Deepak Dugar Discusses The Role Pop Culture and Social Media Play in Plastic Surgery

Haute Beauty caught up with Dr. Deepak Dugar who dished on the influence pop culture, celebrity infatuation and social media have had on the field of plastic surgery.



How has social media influenced your field?

I don't think social media influences anyone anymore. I think social media is the world. People love to visualize their results and one of my biggest helps is posting as many different types of before and after [on social media] as possible. I try to post different types of noses so that people can see, no matter who they are, there is someone who I've worked on before who kind of looks like you and you can visualize how it would look on you.

How has pop culture influenced the kind of procedures and looks your patients are requesting? 

Of course. People are enamored with celebrities. It's a tale that's been true for thousands of years and it will continue to be true for thousands of more. I think the funny thing about people's love for celebrities and their faces and noses is that they don't understand what that person's actual nose is like. They just see the aura, the fame and the money of the celebrity. Meghan Markle is a great example. Everyone is enamored with her aura and celebrity status but really her nose has a few things that could be worked on if we are actually looking for perfection.

What sets you apart from others in your field? 

I'm probably the only one on the planet who only does one single procedure and that's it. I think that's a huge thing because nobody else has been willing to sacrifice their entire career for one procedure out of fear of financial loss. If you say, you are only going to do noses, as I did, it's a bit scary.  I don't make decisions for financial reasons. I am driven by integrity and I am an integrity driven artist rather than being bound by financial decisions.

What can patients expect when booking a consultation with you that sets you apart from other doctors in your field? 

I think the biggest thing is that I truly appreciate how truly beautiful they already are. I think a lot of doctors when patients walk through the door, they tear them apart to offer them as many procedures as possible so they can make money. I do the exact opposite. I literally tell the patient about every single beautiful feature of their face and body. I  make them feel amazing and tell them they should not even consider doing their nose but if they are going to do it, there are small and minor things I would recommend and that's it. My whole goal is to make them feel empowered and to have them feel better after leaving my consultation rather than feeling depressed and sad.