The Top Energy-Based Treatments for 2019

There are a variety of non-invasive, downtime-free ways to improve a bevy of face and body concerns, and medical director and founder of The Laser Lounge non-surgical aesthetic spa in Newport Beach, California, plastic surgeon Dr. Sanjay Grover shares his top energy-based treatment picks for achieving your aesthetic goals from head to toe this year.

Once upon a time, surgery was the only way to improve concerns ranging from stubborn fat and cellulite to wrinkles and more. Today, we have a host of non-surgical, energy-based options designed to improve the appearance of visible signs of aging on the face, sculpt the body’s contours and enhance our most intimate areas. Here are the most buzzed about (and effective) options for downtime-free rejuvenation from head to toe.

As the one and only energy-based treatment that improves muscles definition on the abdomen and buttocks, EmSculpt is the one to watch for 2019. Harnessing the power of HIFEM (focused electromagnetic energy), this newcomer simulates high-intensity muscle contractions that are said to equal the effect of 20,000 sit-ups in each 30-minute session. Two treatments a week for two weeks help visibly increase tone and burn fat, but it’s important to keep in mind that follow-up sessions are required for long-lasting results.

Designed to firm and tone sagging skin on the face and neck (including around the eyes), Ultherapy uses high-intensity ultrasound energy to deliver heat deep into the skin. This heat helps remodel existing collagen and prompt the body to naturally produce more, which leads to visibly tighter skin without affecting the skin’s surface. Treatment time ranges from 10 minutes for the eye and brow area to 50 minutes for the full face, and patients report feeling a sensation of warmth or prickling beneath the skin during treatment (which can be minimized with oral medication taken beforehand).

Profound RF
To restore skin volume that decreases with age due to a decline in collagen and elastin (and leads to lines, wrinkles, sagging and a crepe-y appearance), Profound RF uses radiofrequency energy that stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin to increase its thickness, firmness and smoothness.

CoolSculpting is the ideal downtime-free way to eliminate stubborn bulges of fat that are resistant to a healthy diet and regular exercise without the need for surgery. This treatment literally freezes and permanently destroys fat cells, and it can be used on the upper arms, abdomen, flanks, hips and thighs.

VelaShape III
Combining vacuum suction, infrared light and radiofrequency energy to help reduce cellulite, tighten loose skin and shrink fat cells, a series of VelaShape III sessions in often recommended in conjunction with fat-melting treatments such as CoolSculpting to achieve optimal body-contouring results.

Exilis Ultra 360
This solution for wrinkles, skin laxity and loss of elasticity uses computer-controlled radiofrequency energy to remodel existing collagen within the skin and prompt the natural production of more. This treatment also monitors skin temperature from start to finish to deliver surface cooling as heat is sent deep into the skin for optimal comfort.

A non-surgical way to improve the age- and pregnancy-related relaxation of vaginal muscles and skin, this downtime-free radiofrequency treatment stimulates the growth of new collagen to enhance intimate satisfaction and restore a more youthful state in this delicate area.

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