Dr. Veytsman Dishes On The Celebrity Influence In Cosmetic Dentistry


Owner of Cosmetic Dental Studios, Dr. Victoria Veytsman, encompasses a unique set of technical skills across multiple areas of dentistry. Her passion for smile transformations has built her practice on a solid foundation merging experience with desired results. Dr. Veytsman sat down with Haute Beauty to discuss the currents trends and influence celebrities have had on the cosmetic dentistry industry.

How often should patients whiten their teeth?

Normally patients will come in about once a year for a teeth whitening. This is the simplest easiest way to brighten your smile conservatively.

Which, if any, at-home whitening products would you recommended?

We love Crest White Strips for maintenance. This is great for between in office whitenings to keep your smile bright. The percentage of hydrogen peroxide is lower than that of in office whitening and is safe to keep stains from getting into the deeper layers of the teeth.

Would you recommend any holistic approaches in cosmetic dentistry?

We can be conervative with how we do cosmetic dentistry now. We can do minimal to no preparation veneers in some cases that don’t involve removal of a lot of tooth structure. Then its holistic in the sense that we take into account the persons entire face and personality. We call this dentofacial aesthetics.

When would a patient qualify for porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are great for dramatically (or not so dramatically improving smiles) in terms of color size shape and width of the smile. We do minor bite improvements and also sometime correct alignment or minor crowding without braces. We always design the smile ahead of time and get a blueprint so everything is planned out ahead of time. We do anywhere from 4 to a full mouth of porcelain restorations.

Can you provide us some examples of veneer cases you have done?


What is the overview of the state of cosmetic dentistry these days, are you seeing more or less patients looking to get cosmetic dentistry and what is the demographic?  

There are definitely more patients looking to improve their smiles these days. There are so many reasons why people want to improve their smiles—competition in the workplace, back on the dating scene again, a way to start over. A new smile can literally take 15-20 years off of someone’s face. It’s the biggest confidence booster and gives a huge advantage in business and personal lives.

How do instagram and celebs affect what people are asking for and come in for?

There are so many cultural influences now that affect the way people feel about their appearance and smiles. The instagram culture and celebs definitely play a huge role in this. It’s important to remember that a lot of these photos are retouched and filtered and we have to stay realistic. We often get patients that come in with photos of smiles they found on instagram or their favorite celebs. We have to see if this is possible and always explain that most things are photoshopped. We have to keep expectations realistic!

What are the current trends in cosmetic dentistry?

Natural looking bright smiles Looking healthy and natural is the new in. Anti-aging dentistry is huge now. People want to look younger and fresher but not fake. People can literally look like they’ve had a facelift after a smile makeover. It just brightens and accentuates everything. Now also get celebs and musicians asking for grillz and diamonds on their teeth—a bedazzled smile! But that’s mostly for people in the industry who need it for events or photoshoots.