Dr. Prendergast Dishes On The Most Requested MedSpa Treatments

Striving to inspire her patients with a philosophy founded on exercise, inner health and skincare, Dr. Christie Prendergast caters to career women who seek refinements without obvious transformations. The renowned doctor sat down with Haute Beauty to discuss the most requested medspa treatments, how celebrities are influencing beauty trends, and much more.
Which treatments are requested the most?
The top requested non-surgical procedures primarily focus on facial rejuvenation and/or enhancement. This includes Botox, soft tissue fillers and skin tightening treatments. In the surgical world, breast augmentation and body contouring continue to be the most requested procedures.
Minimally-invasive or non-surgical treatments will likely continue to grow in 2019 with technology and new products continuing to drive patients who do not want to commit to the knife.
Botox is a quick, relatively painless injectable procedure which can be done over your lunch break. This treatment helps to relax facial muscles and when performed correctly, can make you look refreshed.
Soft tissue fillers include hyaluronic acid and/or fat to sculpt or enhance facial features. These procedures continue to be popular particularly with non-surgical rhinoplasty and lip injections. These results are not permanent but are a subtle, quick way to enhance and rejuvenate your face without the commitment of surgery. The instantaneous transformation with minimal to no downtime makes soft tissue fillers one of the most requested procedures. A skilled injector is the most important factor in obtaining the desired results.
Skin-tightening treatments include chemical peels, laser treatments (i.e. Clear & Brilliant), radiofrequency and ultrasound energy devices. Non-invasive procedures that eliminate fat and tighten skin are one of the most requested procedures in my practice. I think we will see a growth in this category as technology continues to capture patients who are looking for non-surgical enhancements after they have maximized diet and exercise.
How have celebrities affected the current medspa trends? 
Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Aniston (to name a few) continue to affect medspa trends by exemplifying the definition of aging gracefully. Additionally, younger celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Tammy Hembrow have use fillers to enhance natural features (i.e. lips, cheeks, jawline augmentation) which has had a major impact on the millennial generation of patients looking to do the same. Today's medical spas are directly impacted by social media and celebrity influencers who set beauty standards by maximizing non-surgical and surgical procedures.
How long is the recovery time for most procedures? 
Recovery time varies greatly between the different procedures you may receive at your MedSpa. In general,  one week of downtime is average for most non-surgical procedures but can be longer if multiple procedures are combined.
Depending on the procedure, how long do results typically last? 
Results vary depending on the procedure being performed. Botox will last approximately 3 months and most soft tissue fillers will last 6 months-2 years. Skin-tightening treatments typically last for years and can last a lifetime with good maintenance.
Are the follow-ups required to maintain results? 
Follow-up is necessary for most non-surgical procedures to maintain results. We will also continue to age and experience life changes (for example, having a baby or menopause) that can alter our facial features and/or our bodies. This will require maintenance procedures or in some cases, a new plan in order to maintain long-term results.