How to Summer-Proof Your Makeup in Five Easy Steps


While summer swelters in entertainment, it is not particularly fun for your makeup.

The heat easily melts your flawless visage, prompting unsightly rivulets of products down your cheeks and bearing imperfections. It is a messy business but with a little savvy preparation, it does not have to be. Here are several tips to heed when the temperatures outside reach sizzling degrees.

Go (Almost) Naked

In the summer months, foundations feel heavy and sticky. Concealers, on the other hand, can provide comfort and coverage. Choose dense creamy formulas that, unlike their powdery and liquid counterparts, hold better and longer in the heat.

Prime your Game

If you cannot part with your favorite foundation in the summer, prepare your skin before applying it. Spread a pea-sized grain of oil-free primer across your face – it will lock in your foundation, preventing it from streaming down your neck.

For those who seek to hide splotchy skin, silicone-based foundations deliver full coverage, while keeping your makeup where it should be. Although it might sound unglamorous, silicone creates a gauzy film between your skin and the heat, preventing the foundation to absorb in your sweat.

Solid Eyes

Forget about your powdery eyeshadows and opt for creamy formulas, which are less likely to pool in the creases of your eyelid.  With your eyeliner, though, go liquid. It might require some practice to master, but liquid eyeliners rarely smudge – even in extreme heat.

Waterproof your Lashes

This one is obvious – waterproof mascaras are made for summer. They resist sweat and humidity – that is enough said.

Blot Out the Excess

In the summer, as the day progresses, your skin is to get oilier and oilier, spoiling your makeup. Avoid reapplying products, though, unless you want to resemble a hastily prepared cake of shades. Use absorbing sheets to dap away the sweat and oil, without compromising your makeup.