Beauty Tips: How Italian Beauty Keeps it Simple yet Classy

Sophia Loren

Milan Fashion Week might have just wrapped up, but Italian beauty never ceases. If you have ever visited the boot-shaped country, you already know that millennia of cultural evolution have turned Italian women into … well, Earth-walking goddesses. Their chic and charm appears effortless – and yet it is so hard to recreate.

For those non-ordained into Italian femininity by birth, Haute Beauty has collected some tips that will get you close enough.

Olive Oil Everything
A delicious salad dressing, olive oil is also a potent beauty weapon. What is even better – it can be slathered on from head to toe. Rich in vitamin E and hydrating squalene, it smoothens the hair, giving it a lustrous sheen, and moisturizes the skin, leaving it smooth and subtle.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
Italian women rarely apply more than a drop of makeup. Many eschew it altogether, focusing instead on moisturizers. Obsessed with healthy skin, they choose emollients that heavy and rich in beneficial ingredients and massages it into the skin for optimum results.

Take it Easy with the Hair
Italian women know not to over-wash their strands. Instead of stripping their locks out of important oils every time they step into the shower, they rely on products like dry shampoos to keep their manes lively. Italians also boldly experiment with their hairstyles – a new stunning look changes the mood and perspective on life quite fast.

Color Correction
No big fans of makeup, Italian women are experts in applying pigments strategically. Lips and nails get all the color treatment – from dramatic darks to vivid lights. The trick to master here is how to use less makeup to achieve more.

No Stress
Kick stress out of your routine with a good meal and a glass of wine, Italian-style. Apparently, Italians do not diet but eat small portions of largely whole food throughout the day – and maintain slim figures. For Italians, a glass of wine with dinner is a ritual – not to mention to mental and health benefits of it.

More than anything else you ought to borrow from Italians, however, is to relax and take life as it comes. A positive outlooks nurtures beauty.