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  • Tiffany Westlie Pondelik
  • Tiffany Westlie Pondelik is a sommelier whose passion is helping her clients become their own wine experts. After working in marketing and on/off-premise tastings for Southern Wine and Spirits, Tiffany moved into sales, where she specialized in Italian wines. Realizing that the most enjoyable part of both jobs was helping her clients navigate the wonderful and often perplexing world of wine, she decided to devote herself to the world of wine education. As a full-time wine educator and consultant, Tiffany draws from both her extensive experience in the world of wine and hospitality and her continued studies at the International Wine Center in New York City. She holds both the Intermediate and Advanced Certificates of Wine and Spirits with Distinction and is currently studying for her Diploma of Wine and Spirits through the internationally recognized Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). She is the Director of Business Development of Swirl Events, a New York-based wine event company, where she also manages purchasing and event planning for everything from bachelorette parties to large corporate events. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and is writing a travel memoir based on her experiences with wines and spirits of the world.

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