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  • Gisela Lowenstein
  • Everything about her glows. The clever name of her business, The Glow System, a joining of her first initial and part of her surname. She glows when you speak with her; the soothing way in which she recounts her trips around the world makes you feel as if you were there. Perhaps that has something to do with the success of her Glow System product, a DVD home management system that breaks down the cleaning process in an easy-to-follow way that makes the idea of household chores seem less daunting—like her conversation, it’s the delivery that makes the difference. It was more than a lack of similar product on the market that birthed The Glow System. The degree-bearing hotel management-pro actually wrote an entire thesis on motivating her staff to deliver the best service while at one of the leading schools in her hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. And later, when her glow attracted her husband, successful developer, Diego Lowenstein, Gisela aided in the hospitality aspects of his business by rewriting operations manuals for several of his franchises and joint ventures. Armed with this experience, she and Diego relocated to the United States to further pursue similar projects. The busy businesswoman, then wife and mother of three, did what any woman in her position would do, she sought help. Of course it was soon thereafter that Lowenstein uncovered the reality that good help, is hard to find. No matter, she not only knew how things needed to be done, but [she] was well equipped to teach the masses. The world needed to know how to exist in a clean and organized environment; in fact, Lowenstein believed sanity was at stake. “There is an emotional connection people feel towards a clean living space,” recalls Gisela. “It reduces stress and gives you peace of mind—the resulting benefits of this carry over to other areas of your life.” Unfortunately, her full-speed-ahead plan to develop the perfect home organization system was brought to a halt when Lowenstein experienced her battle with breast cancer. Once recovered the wheels were set in motion once again, but by this time, Lowenstein had further enhanced the idea, creating a more profound concept, and one that she was sure would “enable users to save money and reduce stress to overall increase ‘glow’ in their lives.” Available in both English and Spanish, The Glow System is suitable for all sorts of users: Homeowners who lack the drive or knowledge to keep a tidy abode; the busy set, with no time to train hired help; even children or family members who could help out around the house to cut cleaning time in half will benefit from Lowenstein’s system. Today, some twelve years later, the business-owner, wife, mother, friend and philanthropist has helped countless people achieve a glow similar to hers. Not only by aiding in the home-improvement of so many, but by her unwavering contributions to humankind. Gisela is an active participant in such organizations as the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, the Miami Children’s Museum, helping kids in under served areas of Miami, The Guardian Angels, aiding the Holtz Children’s Hospital-part of the Jackson Hospital Group, the Special Olympics programs of Miami-Dade, and the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Miami. Lucky for us, her glow is contagious; and the world shines brighter as a result.

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