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  • Aleksandra Eriksson
  • I love traveling and discovering new places, new people and learn and see different cultures. I do home school university psychology studies to fit my busy traveling schedules. I love so many cities that I can’t stay in one for too long. What can I not live without? Passion. My passion is in the love that I have for my loved ones, spending time with them, and seeing them happy means a lot to me. My mottos: Love as much as you can, only then can you reach your highest level of euphoria. Trust your instincts first! Be the change you wish to see in others. A little background about me… I was born and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden my whole life. My background is Russian and growing up I went to an English school in Sweden so I speak English, Swedish, and Russian, but I am eager to learn one more language. I started modelling and traveling the world at the age of 15. (big modelling jobs: cover of French photo mag 2008). Did home school since then and finished a marketing and economics program in Stockholm. At 18 I moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, went to study at Larry Moss acting school, Ivana Chubbuck's Studio, Bernard Hiller, and Janet Alhanti (Meisner technique). My interests: dance, reading books, traveling, boxing, movies, writing, skincare, fashion Something about me: I’ve been writing every day since I was 10 years old, I find it very therapeutic and soothing to put down your thoughts on paper. Biggest dream: live a fulfilling life and be part of the fulfillment in other peoples lives. My dream job: Play the lead actress in a Tomb Raider movie.

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