Introducing The Loewe Squeeze Bag, The Fashion Industry’s Current Obsession

Unveiling Loewe’s latest creation, the Squeeze bag: a harmonious blend of fashion-forward design and functional elegance. Its signature ruched detailing and distinctive donut chain underscore the brand’s commitment to innovation. Crafted from the softest nappa lambskin, the bag not only made a significant impression in the Fall Winter 2023 collection but also encapsulates Loewe’s legacy of craftsmanship. One of the bag’s most striking features is its adjustable chain, forged from a gold-plated mix of stainless steel and aluminum alloy developed for lightness. The chain also features jewelry-style carabiner-style clips which adjust to any link.  This design choice marries aesthetic beauty with practical adjustability, allowing wearers to personalize their look effortlessly. 

Photo Credit: David Sims

Set to be available from September 7, the Squeeze comes in both petite and medium sizes. Its color spectrum offers everything from understated neutrals like Chalk and Chocolate to the more spirited Seaside Blue. For those with an eye for exclusivity, a limited edition in Black python and crocodile skin will be featured in select boutiques. Every Squeeze bag is meticulously detailed, bearing the gold-embossed LOEWE logo, complemented by a detachable gold Anagram charm. 

Photo Credit: David Sims

The bag’s release is beautifully captured in a campaign shot by David Sims starring Taylor Russell, joined by the legendary Chinese actress, Tang Wei. In essence, the Squeeze is more than just a bag; it’s Loewe’s statement to the ever-evolving world of luxury fashion. For a deeper dive, visit

Courtesy of Loewe