From Culinary Creativity To Studio Splendor: The Inspirational Odyssey Of FS MEDIA

The Kitchen Loft Set at Steez Studios

In the fertile grounds of creativity, the extraordinary journey of FS MEDIA comes to life—a narrative meticulously crafted, brick-by-brick, from the modest confines of a 500 sq. ft. studio apartment to the expansive embrace of Steez Studios, an awe-inspiring 16,000 sq. ft. kitchen production haven. Guided by the visionary leadership of CEO Mike Irving and CMO Sean Thomas, this odyssey stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit that built their company, a journey that signifies the metamorphosis from culinary ingenuity to the resplendent grandeur of a studio empire.

Inception and Humble Beginnings

The original 500 sq. ft. apartment “studio” space in Santa Monica

The chronicle of FS MEDIA’s ascent unfurls against the backdrop of Mike Irving and Sean Thomas who found themselves drawn to the vibrant allure of Los Angeles in 2013. While Sean worked in hospitality and loved to cook, Mike channeled his passion into video production, together capturing culinary creations they would develop which would eventually shape the trajectory of their shared success.

In the year 2015, the seeds of innovation took root as Mike and Sean introduced Food Steez, a moniker that encapsulated their unique approach to culinary content creation. A fusion of “Style” and “Ease,” Food Steez was marked by a harmonious blend of music, slow-motion artistry, and tantalizing food aesthetics—a combination that would set their videos apart from the culinary content landscape.

The Ascendance of Food Steez

The second live/work West LA apartment which served as a makeshift studio for Food Steez and FS MEDIA

The trajectory of FS MEDIA began modestly, marked by a journey beginning in a 500 sq. ft. Santa Monica apartment. Yet, this humble setting bore witness to the birth of a brand that would ultimately soar to unprecedented heights. In their nascent days, FS MEDIA collaborated with restaurants pro bono, carving a niche for themselves through exposure and experience. Nights turned to symphonies of creativity, weekends became devoted to crafting a vision, and their shared commitment began to forge their path.

The years 2015 to 2016 signified a pivotal turning point for FS MEDIA. Through the power of word-of-mouth referrals, Food Steez transitioned from a promising presence to a sought-after collaborator—an innovative brand capable of infusing fresh perspectives into culinary narratives. Viral triumphs, such as their Bacon-Wrapped Breakfast Burrito video that garnered over 50 million views, underscored their status as pioneers in the culinary content sphere. Collaborations with distinguished brands like Beyond Meat, King’s Hawaiian, and Coca-Cola further validated their expertise.

Transformation and Unveiling of Steez Studios

The first official 2,200 sq. ft. studio space for Steez Studios in 2020

As time unfolded, FS MEDIA’s vision expanded and matured. The focus shifted from restaurants to brand collaborations, marking a new chapter of creativity and innovation. The pivotal year of 2020 saw their transition from an apartment in Sawtelle to a dedicated 2,200 sq. ft. studio space in Culver City. This shift opened doors to an array of commercial endeavors, firmly establishing their foothold in the industry.

Two Kitchen Sets at Steez Studios, built in 2023

In the year 2023, FS MEDIA’s journey culminated in the unveiling of their magnum opus—Steez Studios. This monumental space, encompassing an astonishing 16,000+ sq. ft., epitomizes culinary innovation. With loading docks, prep kitchens, conference rooms, and private green rooms, Steez Studios is a testament to meticulous design tailored to meet every creative and professional need.

A Legacy to Inspire

The Modern Kitchen Set at Steez Studios

The narrative of FS MEDIA transcends conventional storytelling. It’s a testament to the unwavering dedication and tireless effort that built their company, piece by piece. Their journey, from the birth of Food Steez to the construction of Steez Studios, embodies innovation, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Amidst an ever-evolving industry, FS MEDIA’s legacy stands as a beacon, inspiring others to forge their path, challenge norms, and script their narratives of success.

As we embark on the chapters that follow, we delve into the stages of FS MEDIA’s transformative journey—capturing pivotal moments, surmounting challenges, and embracing the ultimate triumph that is Steez Studios. Join us in celebrating the evolution of FS MEDIA, a true testament to the boundless potential of creativity and unwavering determination.

Written in partnership with Shannon Sparks