Dr. Sonja Stribling’s Reimagined American Dream Results In 8-Figure Company

Many people grow up following the infamous “American Dream” as their journey to success, following the path of getting an education, using their degree to land a successful career in their field, and creating wealth for the next generation, all while following a linear path. Despite the appealing outcome, this is far from reachable for those who are born into poverty, experience a traumatic life event, or have simply felt stuck in their position or life. So how did Dr. Sonja Stribling turn the unreachable into the now teachable?

Dr. Sonja Stribling is a transformational life and business coach, who has helped more than 300,000 women turn their pain into power and profit. She is the founder of P3 Global, a coaching company based on the three principles ‘power, prestige, and profit’ that teach women how to become the best versions of themselves.

Dr. Stribling’s journey to success was not easy. She grew up in poverty,  experienced abuse in her relationships, and at the age of 15 she became a mother. But she refused to let this path of tragedy define her. At age 17, Dr. Sonja joined the U.S. Military which led to 21 years of service and three combat tours in a male-dominated profession. As the years passed, Dr. Sonja took on a new role as a retired Army Major – she landed on her feet in an HR role where she helped veterans find new careers post-retirement. And yet, she was not satisfied fulfilling a 9-5, instead, she went on to reimagine what the American dream means.

While feeling unfulfilled with her desk job, she faced another life-altering event. Dr. Sonja and her husband divorced after 18 years. To navigate her own emotions throughout the process, she decided to write what is now the best-selling novel “The Divorce That Saved My Life,” which opened doors in ways Dr. Sonja could never expect. Through the course of promoting her book, she made an appearance and after the presentation, Dr. Sonja was approached by an audience member who revealed that she applied her advice professionally and found success by implementing the 12 principles focused on how to regain the courage and confidence and thrive following hardship.

So, Dr. Sonja went on to invest in herself, going back to school and earning her doctorate, while ensuring she got into the right rooms. What started as online chat rooms, giving Dr. Sonja the space to connect with hundreds of like-minded business-driven individuals on how to empower themselves to launch their careers quickly, turned into an impressive following of individuals to learn from Dr. Sonja herself.

Investing didn’t stop there. From spending a few hundred dollars on Facebook ads to draw awareness to her new coaching business to sold-out tickets to her first coaching class and hosting a Bravo TV show, Dr. Sonja turned the page well beyond a 9-5 career. When we asked Dr. Sonja how she made time being a single working mother to start school again and begin her own business she said, “It’s not that I made time, I found the time. Sometimes that means saying no to other things and other people to get to where I am now. You need to be willing to prioritize yourself and your goals above everything else if you want to see a change happen because no one else in your life can or will be as passionate about your dreams as you are.”

Now in her early 50s with three adult sons, Dr. Sonja shared that she is exactly where she saw herself to be in life, way back when she was at her lowest lows. With the success of P3 Global and the positive outcomes of the women she has helped Dr. Sonja doesn’t have plans to slow down anytime soon. This is your reminder that you too can reimagine what the “American Dream” means and prioritize what you were meant to do. Don’t be afraid to turn your passion into profit.

Written in partnership with Shannon Sparks