The Best European-Inspired Outdoor Restaurants, Cafes, And Bistros In New York City

Picture a European summer – where bright blue waters meet breathtaking scenery, accompanied by gorgeous weather and, of course, delicious cuisine. Nothing captures the essence of a Euro summer quite like the moment when you find yourself at a charming outdoor cafe, leisurely sipping on a refreshing spritz. As the sun sets on another summer, Haute Living presents a curated guide to transport you straight back to the cobblestone streets and charming plazas. Here’s the list of the finest outdoor cafes, bistros, and restaurants in New York City, all exuding that Euro-summer essence.


Photo Credit: Daniel Krieger

Corner Bar, situated at the vibrant intersection of Canal and Allen Streets in Downtown Manhattan, draws inspiration from America’s iconic taverns. As part of Mattos Hospitality’s offerings at the Nine Orchard Hotel, Corner Bar is an all-day restaurant designed for New Yorkers and travelers from all over the world. The outdoor seating area is highlighted by a green and yellow-striped awning that hangs over a row of café tables with chairs facing out towards Allen Street. Corner Bar elevates traditional French bistro fare, offering a menu that balances simplicity and sophistication.


Courtesy of Le Dive

Nestled in the heart of Dimes Square, this charming natural wine bar effortlessly transports you to the streets of Paris. Its expansive outdoor dining area provides an ideal setting to indulge in the simple pleasures of sipping fine wine while immersing yourself in the vibrant neighborhood.


Courtesy of Bowery Garden

Located in PUBLIC Hotel, Bowery Garden is Popular’s open air terrace space, inspired by the Tuileries Garden in Paris and the Gardens of Italy. Upon entering, you’ll find yourself transported directly to Europe, embraced by the cozy ambiance created by an English ivy privacy fence. Bowery Garden is the ultimate go-to for locals and visitors looking for the perfect open-air al fresco dining experience.


Courtesy of Bar Pisellino

Sitting at 52 Grove Street, you’ll find Bar Pisellino, an all-day bar from renowned chefs Rita Sodi and Jody Williams. enjoy your favorite apertivo amidst the inviting ambiance of the West Village, an ideal setting for basking in the warmth of a summer afternoon or the brisk embrace of a fall day. Step inside and relish in the timeless Italian hospitality.


Courtesy of Lodi

Lodi, by Mattos Hospitality, is a celebrated Italian eatery and bakery at Rockefeller Center, offering understated Northern Italian cuisine in the heart of Manhattan. Embracing Milanese caffè culture, Lodi serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making it perfect spot for a leisurely outdoor lunch on a sunny Friday.